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    The Royal Circle is the most restricted view section in the theatre, due to safety rails and the shape of the seating. The seating follows a deep curve, creating restrictions to the front of the stage for the five end seats in each row.

    A safety rail runs the length of the front row and drastically inhibits views, completely obscuring the front of the stage. Two thin pillars in the first two rows affect the views of all seats aside from those most central.

    The best seats are in the centre of each row, as the Balcony overhang does not cut off the top of the stage. Legroom is an issue however, with most seats being quite uncomfortable.


    There is a bar located at the rear of the Royal Circle.


    Women’s and Men’s toilets are level with the seating in the Royal Circle, 23 steps up from the foyer towards the auditorium. The Men’s toilets are a further 13 steps up from the Royal Circle bar.

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