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London Coliseum
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London Coliseum Capacity

The London Coliseum has a capacity of 2263 seats. Section capacities are 520 Stalls, 635 Dress Circle, 610 Upper Circle and 498 Balcony. Use our interactive seating plan to view 5094 seat reviews and 3236 photos of views from seat.

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London Coliseum Seating Plan

Good value seats

The English National Opera have several schemes to ensure tickets can be bought at reasonable prices, particularly in the Dress and Upper Circles. For standard performances, front-side seats in each section are generally better value than rear-central seats, as overhangs from the various circles can obstruct the view.

Premium seats

Seats in the centre of the Stalls are typically the best in the house. Unlike many opera houses, the sound does not improve in the higher tiers, so Stalls are the best bet in terms of sight and sound. The Stalls also has access to the Veuve Cliquot champagne bar – the perfect spot for a luxury interval refreshment. Alternatively, sitting in the front of the Dress Circle ensures a cinematic view of the entire stage.

Recent Audience Photos

Balcony B30

sarahralph 5' 8", 40 reviews

Lots to moan about TBH. People in front lean forward. Safety bar at eyeline height. A mix of metal light bar projecting out in front and 2 upright poles of safety bars cause multiple blocks. Was dodging round all night to the point I moved seats f... More

Saw We Will Rock You We Will Rock You on 07 June 2023

Dress Circle G9

Millsyblue 6', 68 reviews, 1 helpful vote

It is a very big theatre and so row G of the dress circle is a good distance from the stage but view is excellent nonetheless. Rake not too bad and because of a traditional orchestra pit, the stage is set back and so view was good. More

Saw We Will Rock You We Will Rock You on 04 June 2023

Stalls L18

RayRadio95 5' 7", 1 reviews

The seat had the perfect view of the stage, central to everything and raised enough that you're the same height as the stage so you don't have to look up at all. Attached photo is from eye height when sitting down. Decent leg room, my knees did... More

Saw We Will Rock You We Will Rock You on 02 June 2023

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