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The Stalls is one large block of seating without an aisle and with standing room at the back. Rows become longer towards the middle and further back, with seats at the ends of rows offering a side view of the stage. The Stalls are well-raked, with a high stage ensuring excellent views from every row.

The best seats can be found in rows F-M, which are considered as premium price.

The Royal Circle overhang restricts the rear of the section, cutting off a partial amount of the top of the stage. Rows AA-BB are very close to the stage and can cause audience members to crane their necks. Legroom is good throughout the Stalls.


The Stalls bar is 20 steps down from the main foyer or 2 steps up from the Stalls, with movable seating.


Women’s toilets can be found at the rear of the Stalls auditorium. Men’s toilets are at the front of the Stalls in the corridor by Box A, with further toilets at the rear of the auditorium.