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Palace Theatre

Getting into the Venue

The Palace Theatre main entrance is 2 steps up from street level and leads directly into the foyer. An alternative entrance is available through double doors on Shaftesbury Avenue that lead to the Box office. This entrance also leads to the Stalls, where accessible seats are available. To access the Stalls, there are 3 steps down to the seating, as well as a slight incline that leads to wheelchair accessible spaces. There is a drop-off point close to the Palace Theatre main entrance.

All sections of the theatre must be accessed by stairs, as there is no customer lift. There is seating available in the bars.

Customer Assistance

Staff are on hand to assist with navigation. Those who wish to use the alternative entrance must approach the main entrance and notify a member of staff, who will assist them. An at-seat service is available for access patrons who are unable to access the bars. Staff must be notified if this is needed.

Transfers are available into any aisle seat. Those who wish to transfer must bring a companion, but staff are available to assist. Wheelchairs can be stored for the duration of the performance.

How to Book

You must call the Palace Theatre access line to book specialised wheelchair spaces. Access patrons and their companions will receive up to 50% off their tickets.

For further information and accessibility booking, please call: 0330 333 4815 or email:

Accessible seats

Stalls V3
Stalls V28
Stalls Z27

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Section accessibility


The Stalls can be accessed via 20 steps from the main foyer. Alternatively, there is an accessible entrance located on Shaftesbury Avenue, which is 3 steps down and a gentle incline towards the seating. Wheelchair spaces and transfers are available in the Stalls. Transfers can be made to any aisle seat and wheelchair spaces are located in V3, V28 and Z27. This section is recommended for those with limited mobility.

Extra legroom can be found in B3, B28, D2 and D29, as there are no seats directly in front.

Dress Circle

The Dress Circle is accessible via 30 steps up from the main foyer, which makes the section inaccessible for wheelchair users. This section is not recommended for those with limited mobility.

Extra legroom can be found in aisle seats.

Grand Circle

The Grand Circle is 56 steps up from the foyer and cannot be accessed by those with limited mobility.

There is limited legroom in this section.


The Balcony can be accessed via 77 steps up towards the auditorium. There is limited legroom in this section, and seating can feel narrow and cramped. This section is not recommended for those with limited mobility or a fear of heights.

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