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Palace Theatre Capacity

The Palace Theatre has a capacity of 1380 seats. Section capacities are 549 Stalls, 275 Dress Circle, 228 Grand Circle and 328 Balcony. Use our interactive seating plan to view 3222 seat reviews and 2302 photos of views from seat.

Views are extremely mixed throughout the Palace Theatre, which features one of the steepest balconies in the entire West End. A tall and narrow theatre, there are restricted views due to support pillars and safety rails.

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Palace Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

Seats towards the rear of each section are heavily discounted, due to circle overhangs, support pillars and distance from the stage. These can prove good value for money, particularly for a large-scale musical. The Balcony is extremely cheap, due to severe restrictions. It is worth sitting in the front of the Balcony, as although it may feel distant, you may still get a good view. Alternatively, sit in the middle of the Grand Circle for a safety rail-free view of the stage.

Premium seats

Seating in the front of the Dress Circle or in the centre of the Stalls is the optimum place to have the most immersive experience without any restrictions. Rows G-K in the Stalls are best as the stage is quite high and a decent rake allows for action to be at eye level. Due to the mixed views throughout the Palace Theatre, it's wise to spend a little bit extra to guarantee there will be no restrictions to impair your enjoyment.

Recent Audience Photos

Dress Circle C30

sophieb13 5' 6", 75 reviews

Great seat with no obstructions to your view. The legroom isn’t too bad and the rake is really good so no heads in the way. The shape of the theatre does mean you’re looking slightly to your left the whole time but I didn’t end up with a cricked n... More

Saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on 27 May 2023

Balcony A20

Liltheatrelova 5' 7", 3 reviews

You have to lean over to the right the entire time to be able to see anything, there’s the massive lights positioned there which block the stage view. Normally I wouldn’t mind but for a 4 and a half hour play it gets unbearable. More

Saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on 26 May 2023

Grand Circle E9

bethanam 5' 4", 5 reviews

This is one of the best cheaper part seats there is! There’s nobody immediately to the side of you, and the gap between E9 and E10 makes space to stretch out (although admittedly leg room is tight when sat facing straight forward but I’m 5”4 so di... More

Saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on 26 May 2023

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