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Playhouse Theatre Capacity

The Kit Kat Club is an intimate refurbishment of the Playhouse Theatre with a capacity of 580 seats. This new layout was created specifically for Cabaret and recreates the feel of a smoky inter-war Berlin burlesque or variety venue. The Stalls has been adapted to include on-stage table seating as well as standard seating on both sides of the stage. The Dress Circle is also positioned over both sides of the stage and the Upper Circle is only on one side. The view is intimate throughout all levels although some seats to the side of the Upper Circle miss certain areas at the sides of the stage. Performers make use of space throughout the Stalls, where the experience is more immersive than the upper levels.

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Playhouse Theatre Seating Plan

Good Value Seats

Save money without compromising on experience with seats in the Dress Circle or Upper Circle. These seats are not as immersive as the Stalls, but the show is in the round and plays to the whole auditorium. SeatPlan users who have sat up here rate the seats highly when it comes to value for money. Dress Circle F19 has an “amazing, close and unobstructed view”, while one of the cheapest seats in the theatre, Upper Circle C3 , is a “bargain price”.

Best Seats

Cabaret is performed in the round with Stalls seats providing the best views. Table seats, located right in front of the stage, are particularly desirable - they promise a fantastically unique experience of the show that includes immersion and interaction with the cast.

One audience member who sat in Table Seat L12 described it as “breathtaking”, and noted the immersive aspects including being invited on stage to dance with the cast. For a show like this, which thrills in its period setting and has incredible detail from the moment you step inside, these table seats are a fantastic treat to dress up for and feel like you’ve been dropped right into Berlin’s hedonistic nightclub scene.

Recent Audience Seat View Photos

Upper Circle A1

Playhouse Theatre Upper Circle A1 view from seat photo
I'm 5ft 4 and struggled with leg room but plenty of room beside me to spread out if needed. Could see 85% of the show without... More
Saw Cabaret on 22 June 2024

Stalls F6 Verified

Playhouse Theatre Stalls F6 view from seat photo
This is a perfect seat! You only miss a small little bit during the opening number, but its not all that important. Would 100... More
Saw Cabaret on 11 June 2024

Stalls P9 Verified

Playhouse Theatre Stalls P9 view from seat photo
The theatre is configured in the round. On this side of the theatre, the stalls are mostly taken up by table seats, this row... More
Saw Cabaret on 01 June 2024

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