Savoy Theatre Seating plan

825 seat photos, 1769 reviews


Savoy Theatre seating plan

Savoy Theatre Seating Plan

The Savoy Theatre has a capacity of 1128 seats, including 519 seats in the Stalls, 347 seats in the Dress Circle and 262 seats in the Upper Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 1769 seat reviews and 825 photos of views from seat.

Venue overview

The Savoy Theatre is on the Strand, next to the historic Savoy Hotel. Originally opening specifically to perform Gilbert and Sullivan musicals and operas, the auditorium suffered major fire damage in 1990, but was reopened in 1993, refurbished to the original 1929 vision. Now, the auditorium and public areas exist as a perfect representation of the original building, but with modern amenities available. The Savoy Theatre is best-known for hosting a variety of successful musicals, including Gypsy, starring Imelda Staunton and the world premiere of Dreamgirls.

Set across three levels, the Stalls exist below street-level and offer excellent sight-lines. Restrictions can be found at the rear of each section, due to the overhang of higher tiers. A very deep and narrow theatre, obstructions can be found due to safety rails.

Good value seats

The Savoy Theatre offers Day Seats, which involve queuing at the theatre before 10am to buy front row tickets for a discounted price. Alternatively, some bargains can be found in the back row of the Dress Circle, which allows you to see the entire stage. Otherwise, the Upper Circle is a good bet, despite the distance from the stage.

Premium seats

Sit in the mid-front of the Stalls, just before the overhang begins, for the best overall view of the stage. Sitting in the Dress Circle also provides some excellent views for large-scale musicals. The Savoy Theatre stage is fairly deep, allowing for action to be seen from quite far back in the auditorium.

Recent seat reviews

Stalls C17

alexwilliams1 5"10, 25 reviews, 2 helpful votes
Savoy Theatre C17 view from seat photo

This seat is available from the TodayTix app for £23 and it was an absolute bargain. It's a little off to the side but you still get a perfect view of all the action and feel very close to the performers. Amazing value for money.... More

Saw Dreamgirls Dreamgirls on 06 December 2017

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Dress Circle G12

keanoneil 6"2, 18 reviews
Savoy Theatre G12 view from seat photo

Couldn't of asked for a better seat seeing this show for the first time. Smack bang in the middle of the dress circle - even though there's a safety rail in front, it didn't impair my view what so ever.... More

Saw Dreamgirls Dreamgirls on 23 December 2016

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Stalls BB10

katherinelilley 6 reviews
Savoy Theatre BB10 view from seat photo

This is the very front row and the stage is quite high so there is a slightly restricted view in the fact that I found I could only see mid calf upwards so slightly impaired my enjoyment by not being able to see footwork when people were dancing. Thi... More

Saw Dreamgirls Dreamgirls on 06 May 2017

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