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The Dress Circle is split across three sections, with two blocks of seating at the rear and one large section at the front. A number of seats in this section are labelled as restricted, due to safety rails that run across the balcony and stairwells.

The front section offers the best value for money, but side seats in the first rows have less legroom due to the curve of the balcony. This section is divided horizontally, with no centre aisle. Those who need additional legroom should sit further back, towards the end of each row and against the walls.

The Upper Circle overhang affects seats from Row F, only just cutting off the top of the stage for the rear of the section. A safety rail runs along the front of the Dress Circle, which slight restricts the view in Row A, although this is reflected in the price of tickets.


The Dress Circle and Mezzanine Bars can be accessed via a short flight of stairs. An at-seat service is available for patrons.


Men’s and Women’s toilets are situated in the main foyer area on this level. The adapted unisex toilet can be accessed step-free.