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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Capacity

The Shakespeare's Globe Theatre has a capacity of 1151 seats.Use our interactive seating plan to view 510 seat reviews and 479 photos of views from seat.

Shakespeare's Globe is best known for its authentic standing area, where patrons can buy cheap, unreserved standing tickets to watch a performance as "Groundlings". The theatre also has plenty of seating, arranged into three Galleries which are on three sides of the thrust stage. In the theatre’s benched seating areas, row E is a great choice if you want a little more back support when watching a show. Cushions are also available to rent.

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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

The cheapest way to watch a play at the Globe is by standing in the Yard. Tickets here are unreserved, and you are free to move around for the best view before the performance starts. In the Lower Gallery, the bays at either side of the stage and seats at the end of rows are restricted because of pillars, but offer a good seated experience for less.

Premium seats

The best seats in the house are in the central bays of the Lower and Middle Galleries. The Lower Gallery is just above stage height, with a clear view from the middle rows. Actors tend to project to the Middle Gallery, so this a very desirable section to sit in.

Recent Audience Photos

Middle Gallery - Bay J C31

ceebee 5' 3", 15 reviews, 2 helpful votes

The view from this seat is excellent. Whole stage - front on - unobscured. The only issue with this seat, as with so many at the Globe is that there is no seat back, which does become a bit of a problem given the duration of most Shakespeare pla... More

Saw As You Like It As You Like It on 28 September 2023

Yard Standing C29

alisonreneti 5' 3", 91 reviews, 5 helpful votes

In my opinion the best place to be at The Globe theatre is standing in the yard. You can move around to get the best view and actually feel part of the action. Absolutely fantastic one off performance. More

Visited 17 September 2023

Yard Standing D37

bhavini91 5' 4", 6 reviews

You can stand anywhere in the yard. I stood on the side of the stage and still had a good view. Recommend arriving early to get a better spot (right in front of the stage). The performers interact with the people standing close to the stage. Stand... More

Saw Macbeth Macbeth on 01 September 2023

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