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Rear Mezzanine

64 Rear Mezzanine Photos

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Rear Mezzanine Guide

The Rear Mezzanine sits behind the Front Mezzanine, with 256 seats across Left, Right and Center sections divided by aisles. Prices here are, on average, the cheapest in the Barrymore Theatre.

Patrons sitting in the Rear Mezzanine will find that a decent rake means even the back rows offer a surprisingly good look at the stage. It is therefore a great section for theatergoers on a budget. There are only a few slight restrictions, with double-digit seats towards the far sides providing a more angled viewing position.

The best views in the Rear Mezzanine are from rows A and B in the Center Rear Mezzanine; these slightly pricier seats are well elevated above the Front Mezzanine and represent the most detailed, sweeping views of a performance.

Legroom becomes even more cramped in the Rear Mezzanine, so patrons will be best served by aisle seats for extra space. The section is also up three flights of stairs (30 steps) which may make it unsuitable for patrons with limited mobility. There are, however, two transfer seats towards the outside and back of the Right Rear Mezzanine.

Left Rear Mezzanine

This section has seven rows from A to G, with most seats moving odd-numbered from 1 to 25. The back row is about half the length, ending at 15. The best seats are on the inside of rows A and B, which are nicely elevated for a clear view of the stage. Sightlines in the back rows are also very good thanks to an effective rake, and even in the far corner theatergoers won’t feel too much strain to make out the stage and some details. Seats by the far aisle are more angled, with sightlines into stage right less clear, but overall the Left Rear Mezzanine is very good value for money, with prices slightly higher at the front.

Right Rear Mezzanine

This section comprises seven rows from A to G, with even-numbered seats in the range of 2 to 26. Row G is a bit shorter, with seats from 2 to 16. The best views of the stage are from single-digit seats in rows A and B, although the back rows are very good value options that provide a clean look at the stage. Legroom and comfort are less desirable at this height, with the best options for extra space on the aisles. Seats next to the far aisle are more angled however, with sightlines to stage left less clear. Despite this, the Right Rear Mezzanine is full of good value seats, with prices slightly higher in the front rows.

Center Rear Mezzanine

This is the most centrally positioned block in the Rear Mezzanine, with six rows of seats (A to F) escalating from 101 to 114, left to right. The best views are from rows A and B, which have a bit of elevation above the Front Mezzanine and offer a clean look at the stage. Sightlines in the back rows are helped by a good rake and patrons won’t feel removed from the performance; even the furthest seat from the stage has a clear and fairly detailed view. Rows are very tight across the Center Rear Mezzanine, and taller patrons should opt for an aisle seat to find better legroom. Prices are affordable across the section, and the back rows are perfect for those on a strict budget.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Row A in the Center Rear Mezzanine is excellent for anyone wanting an affordable but high-quality seat. Views from here are clean, sweeping and provide a good amount of detail.

Best legroom seats

The Rear Mezzanine is very cramped, so anyone who thinks they’ll need extra legroom or space should grab an aisle seat. Row A may also have a little extra legroom.


• The best views are from rows A and B, Center Rear Mezzanine
• The back rows have a good rake to see over patrons’ heads
• Seats towards the far aisles have slightly more restricted views of the stage
• The best legroom is on aisle seats, particularly inside aisles
• The section is generally good value for money


The Rear Mezzanine is the cheapest overall section in the Barrymore Theatre, with affordable seats across every row. Anyone who’s counting the dollars can grab a bargain in the back rows.


A bar serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is located in the main lobby, although it can be pricey; consider setting a budget beforehand.


Restrooms are located down five flights of stairs (50 steps) in the lower lobby. These serve every level of the theater so may get busy at the intermission.

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