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Broadhurst Theatre

Getting into the Venue

The Broadhurst Theatre is accessible step-free from street level into the Orchestra, where all designated wheelchair spaces are located.

The Orchestra is entirely step-free for all patrons, and wheelchair and companion seating can be found in the middle and back rows. A number of aisle seats with folding armrests are also available across the Orchestra (five seats) and Mezzanine (eight seats).

Unlike the Orchestra, the Mezzanine is not step-free and can only be accessed up one flight of stairs, with a further two steps down to each row. Once in the Mezzanine, handrails are available at every stepped row.

There are no elevators or escalators at this venue.

Customer Assistance

A wheelchair accessible unisex restroom is located on the main Orchestra level. Other restrooms are down 20 steps from Orchestra level; these restrooms are not accessible for wheelchair users.

Please be aware that staff are unable to provide assistance to patrons where there are steps into or inside the theater, so it is advised that you attend with a companion where possible.

How to Book

For those who require special assistance or wish to book wheelchair spaces, it is important to book in advance and notify the theater of any special requirements.

For further information, ticket bookings and assistance please call Shubert Audience Services at 212-944-3700 or email

Section Accessibility


The Broadhurst Theatre Orchestra is step-free for all patrons. There are six wheelchair viewing spaces in rows K and O in the Left and Right Orchestra, and row Q in the Center Orchestra. There are also five transfer seats on the aisles across rows J, O, R and S.

Up to three companion seats per wheelchair space and one for each transfer seat are located in the same or adjacent rows.


The Mezzanine is located up one flight of stairs, with a further two steps down to each row. There are eight transfer seats in the section, across aisles in rows B, F, G, H and K. Handrails are available at the end of every row for easier access.

The Mezzanine is not accessible for wheelchair users, and it is recommended that patrons with limited mobility take care if booking seats in this section.

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