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Orchestra Guide

The Orchestra is the largest seating area in the Broadhurst Theatre, with 733 seats on ground level and 24 in six elevated Boxes either side. The auditorium is quite wide, and seats are divided into Left, Right and Center with aisles in between. Standing room is behind row T.

There are a few structural features which affect views in the Orchestra. The Mezzanine overhang starts at row K, and visibly cuts into the top of the stage by row R. The Boxes can also disrupt sightlines at the far sides of the auditorium, and the rake is shallow enough to be an issue if someone taller is sitting directly in front. However, there are plenty of decent seats to choose from across the Orchestra.

The best seats are in rows D-K of the Center Orchestra; these skip the immediacy of the front three rows and benefit from an excellent overview of the stage, perfect for elaborate set designs. Seats beyond the middle of the Left and Right Orchestra still have scope, but will miss action in the adjacent side and corner of the stage.

Patrons with limited mobility can book step-free wheelchair or transfer seats in the middle and back rows of the Orchestra.

Left Orchestra

Left Orchestra seats run odd-numbered between 1 and 27 across 20 rows. The front rows are shorter, with just two seats in row BB. Single-digit seats between rows D and K are more central and a comfortable distance, making them the best in the section. Sightlines become more restricted towards the far aisle; in particular, double-digits seats such as B13 are at a sharp angle exaggerated by proximity to the stage, and the far side of rows D-F are beneath the Boxes which stick out slightly about halfway down the stage. Legroom is therefore best on the inside aisle, taking into account the partial views on the left-hand aisle. Three Boxes elevated above the Left Orchestra have unfixed chairs, perfect for adjusting, but are at quite sharp angles.

Right Orchestra

The Right Orchestra runs even-numbered between 2 and 28, with 20 rows starting at BB and ending at the rear with T. The best views are on the inside of rows D-K, which aren’t too close to the stage. In double-digit seats the Boxes overhang around rows D and F, and the angle which cuts off the right-hand side of the stage is exacerbated by proximity. In both cases, sitting a few rows back or further inside will ensure a better view. The rake at the back of the section isn’t steep, so views may be worse in rows R, S and T. Prices reflect this, with the most expensive seats towards the front and inside. Three Boxes are located above this section, although sightlines may be very restricted.

Center Orchestra

The Center Orchestra covers 21 rows ranging from 101 to 114 left to right. The section faces directly in front of the stage, so both aisles are good choices for extra legroom. The front two or three rows are very close and slightly below the stage; premium seats between rows D and K combine a comfortable distance with a detailed overview of the set. The Mezzanine overhang is very obvious by row R, hanging into a third or so of the stage. This shouldn’t be an issue for most performances, as the action takes place within the lower two thirds. The rake in the back rows is quite shallow however, so shorter patrons may find themselves leaning around the person in front. These seats are also the cheapest in the Center Orchestra.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Rows D, E and F in the Center Mezzanine cover the perfect distance from the Broadhurst Theatre’s stage. Patrons sitting in these seats will benefit from an immersive position and a full overview of the stage.

Best legroom seats

The front rows of each Orchestra section are a bit roomier, but the best legroom seats are on the two inside aisles where sightlines are more comfortable.


• The Mezzanine overhang starts at row K and is obvious by row R
• The best seats and views are in the Center Orchestra, rows D-K
• The Left and Right Boxes can obstruct views in far aisle seats beyond row D
• Wheelchair and transfer seating is located from row J backwards
• Double-digit seats near the aisle have partial views of the stage


Center Orchestra seats are the most expensive in the Broadhurst Theatre, although the very back rows are a bit cheaper. Prices fall at the sides and corners of the Left and Right Orchestra.


Drinks and snacks are sold at the bar, which is located on Orchestra level.


A wheelchair accessible restroom is located on this level. Other restrooms are down one flight of stairs (20 steps). These restrooms serve both levels of the Broadhurst Theatre.

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