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Rear Mezzanine

54 Rear Mezzanine Photos

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Rear Mezzanine Guide

The Rear Mezzanine is in the same balcony area as the Front Mezzanine, with the stairs and a horizontal aisle dividing the two. With 584 seats, the section is split into two larger central blocks from rows A to R, and a series of smaller blocks on either side.

Views are more distant from the Rear Mezzanine, and due to its depth patrons should try for seats in the front few rows where possible. The best views are from rows A to C in the center two blocks, where sightlines are more direct. These seats are elevated above the Front Mezzanine to provide good value, although slightly distant, views of the stage.

Across the Rear Mezzanine, there are a few factors which affect views, including distance and height in the back half especially; far-side angles which cut off parts of the stage; and other patrons blocking the view. For those on a budget, however, there are some good bargains available in this very affordable area of seating.

There are six transfer seats in the Rear Mezzanine, all located towards the front. However, as the section is located up two flights of stairs, patrons with limited mobility should take care when booking these seats.

Left Rear Mezzanine

The Left Rear Mezzanine is a long, thin section spanning rows E to R, with five seats at most across each row (numbered evenly between 2 and 10). This section is to the side, so views of the left-hand side of the stage will be restricted, especially in seats close to the far aisle. Legroom is therefore best on the inside aisle for a more central view. The stage feels distant from the whole section, and the best seats are in front row E, which is not affected by patrons sitting immediately ahead and is raked above the Front Mezzanine. Seats are very affordable, with the cheapest available in the back half.

Center Left Rear Mezzanine

There are 17 rows from A to R in this section, with even-numbered seats moving from 102 to 124, left to right. It benefits from a relatively head-on view of the stage which is best in rows A-C. These rows are elevated above the Front Mezzanine for good value but less detailed sightlines. Patrons sitting up to row J will have a fair view, but beyond this is less reliable; other theatergoers or the Mezzanine stretching out below might obstruct the stage. Legroom is best on the inner aisle, which is more central. The most expensive seats are in the desirable front rows, and prices gradually decrease towards the rear.

Center Right Rear Mezzanine

This section comprises 17 rows from A at the front to R at the rear, with odd-numbered seats escalating from 101 to 119, left to right. The best views are in rows A-C, which benefit from some lift above the Front Mezzanine and a central position. The view gradually becomes less clear further back, and patrons will find that the back quarter feels very distant from the stage. The bottom of the stage may also be blocked by the Mezzanine stretching out below or other patrons sitting in front. Legroom is best on the inner aisle, which is more central. The most expensive seats are in the desirable front rows, and prices gradually decrease towards the rear.

Right Rear Mezzanine (Front)

This section is split into two blocks divided by an aisle. Seats are odd-numbered; 1 to 23 form the first block, with rows from A to F. Seats 25 to 33 make up the far-side block, with rows starting halfway back at D. The best views are from the lower range of rows A-C, which are elevated over the Front Mezzanine for a clear, if less detailed, look at the stage. Further back and to the far side, the angle causes restricted sightlines, and patrons may have to lean forward to catch the full stage. The most expensive seats are in the more desirable front rows, and prices decrease towards the rear.

Right Rear Mezzanine (Back)

This section has one small block with odd-numbered seats from 1 to 11 across rows K to R. The best views are in the front row K, which has some elevation over the rows in front. Further back, views of the stage are distant and the Mezzanine stretching out below can block the bottom of the stage. Shorter patrons in particular may struggle to see the stage clearly from this distance. Seats are very affordable in this section, and the cheapest in the theater.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Rows A-C of the two center sections offer the best views in the Rear Mezzanine. Although not as detailed as the Front Mezzanine and premium Orchestra seats, patrons should have a clean sightline down to the stage and prices aren’t too high.

Best legroom seats

Sitting in an aisle seat will offer the best legroom in the Rear Mezzanine. The aisles closer to the center will help to keep views as clear as possible whilst making the most of extra space.


• Rows A-C of the Center Left and Center Right offer the best views
• Restrooms are on a landing, down 11 steps from the seating area
• Patrons sitting in front may block the view, especially past row J
• The side sections have partial views of stage left or right
• Good value seats are in the front few rows, as central as possible


The Rear Mezzanine is the cheapest section of the Broadway Theatre. Prices start around the same price or a little cheaper than the back rows of the Front Mezzanine, and reduce in the back rows and side sections. There are plenty of opportunities for good value seats in the front rows, and options for theatergoers on a budget further back.


Drinks and other refreshments are available from the bar on this level. There is a bar on every level of the theater, so it’s worth checking to see which one has the shortest queues.


The closest restrooms are on the Mezzanine level, 11 steps down from the main seating area. These restrooms are between flights of stairs so care should be taken when queuing. Other restrooms are one floor below the Orchestra, in the lower lobby.

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