Broadway Theatre, New York

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Broadway Theatre seating chart

Broadway Theatre Seating Chart

The Broadway Theatre has a capacity of 1718 seats, including 899 seats in the Orchestra, 250 seats in the Front Mezzanine and 569 seats in the Rear Mezzanine. Use our interactive seating chart to view 80 seat reviews and 67 photos of views from seat.

Venue overview

Although it now shares a name with the street it sits on, the Broadway Theatre originally opened in 1924 as a movie house called the Colony, which famously premiered Steamboat Willie (1928). It has operated under its current name since 1930, and despite intervening stints as a cinema in the ‘30s and ‘50s, it has enjoyed a long history as a hotspot for popular musicals.

The Broadway Theatre’s original owner, B. S. Moss, conceived the building as a new addition to his movie chain. Architect Eugene DeRosa was employed to create a roomy auditorium and Renaissance-inspired décor; when it transitioned from film to live performance, this design proved the perfect match to accommodate large-scale musicals.

Notable productions at the Broadway Theatre include transfers from other New York venues including Funny Girl (1966) and The Wiz (1977). However, it has also hosted its own premiers, from Evita (1979) through to Les Misérables (1987-1991). Recent shows include Shrek (2008), Sister Act (2011) and a revival of Miss Saigon (2017).

The Broadway Theatre has a capacity of 1,763 seats across three main sections, with the Front and Rear Mezzanines sharing balcony space. The Orchestra seating chart splits into Left, Center and Right, with views best in the Center. The Front Mezzanine’s Center seats also offer attractive views for patrons wanting to sit further back whilst the Rear Mezzanine is more affordable, reflecting its distance and less desirable sightlines. Boxes are available for angled, private seating, and across all levels seats further to the sides have partial views.


• Children under four are not permitted into the theater
• Refreshments may be expensive; eat and drink before visiting
• Step-free access from the street to accessible seating in the Orchestra
• Bag checks may be in place; leave plenty of time to get to your seat

Good value seats

There are a few options for good value seats in the Broadway Theatre. Rows H to P in the Center Orchestra are slightly cheaper than premium whilst retaining a clean look at the stage. Rows D and E in the Front Mezzanine have enough rake for clean and not-too-distant overhead views. The Rear Mezzanine, although distant and less immersive, can be good for bargains. The best affordable seats here are in rows A to C.

Premium seats

Premium seats at the Broadway Theatre are in the Center Orchestra, rows D to G. From here, patrons are neither too close nor too far from the stage, and it’s the perfect position to take in detail without losing sight of the bigger picture. In the Front Mezzanine, rows A to C are also expensive, but their excellent, sweeping views are worth the spend.

Recent seat reviews

Orchestra B6

chrishuyen 5'6'', 23 reviews
Broadway Theatre Orchestra B6 view from seat photo

The stage is pretty high for this production (since there's an extra platform built on top) which makes it very hard to see things happening upstage, though it's very close to the actors so facial expressions are super clear. There's quite a bit of room... More

Saw West Side Story West Side Story on 12 December 2019


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Rear Mezzanine G5

doubledreviews 5'11", 36 reviews
Broadway Theatre Rear Mezzanine G5 view from seat photo

If there's a couple in front of you, be sure to tell them to separate their heads. There were a few times a couple in front of us leaned over to each other, making it hard to see downstage at some points. More

Saw King Kong King Kong on 17 October 2018


0 votes

Orchestra Q1

monikamejia 5’7, 42 reviews
Broadway Theatre Orchestra Q1 view from seat photo

These seats are great! The broadway theater has a small orchestra section so anywhere you sit in the orchestra should be fine. Just be careful not to go to far to the left or right because those could be partial view seats. This seat is perfect because... More

Saw King Kong King Kong on 30 June 2019


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