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Orchestra Guide

The Eugene O’Neill Theatre Orchestra is the largest area of seating, positioned on ground level close to the stage. Around 571 seats are split across three sections - the Left, Center and Right Orchestra – with aisles running between each. Six Boxes seating a further 32 patrons are elevated and staggered on either side.

The Mezzanine overhang starts at Orchestra row L; seats beyond this may experience cut-off at the top of the stage but the effect is minimal. The best views – and most expensive seats - span the front few rows of the Center Orchestra, where patrons can enjoy detailed and intimate views of the set and performances. Rows A-D are excellent options, and the stage itself isn’t too high for comfort in row A.

Legroom is better on aisle seats. However, theatergoers should be aware that, at the far sides of the Left and Right Orchestra and in the back corners, views become more restricted and side-on. Prices are set to reflect this, with the cheapest seats in the far corners of the Orchestra.

Four wheelchair and six transfer seats are available across all three blocks in the Orchestra, with adjacent companion seats also provided. The Eugene O’Neill Theatre Orchestra is completely step-free for all patrons.

Left Orchestra

The Left Orchestra comprises 19 rows from A to T, with odd-numbered seating from 1 to 25 in the longer middle. Far aisle seats up to row K may be marked partial view (the left-hand side of the stage is obstructed) and seats such as K25 will be affected by the Left Boxes curving into the top of the stage. Legroom is better on both aisles, but there are cleaner sightlines on the inside aisle where patrons will face more directly towards the stage; rows A-F in particular have great views. Patrons can expect to pay more towards the inside and front, with prices dropping at the far sides and back.

Three Boxes are set at staggered heights to the side of the Left Orchestra, and may be marked partial view.

Right Orchestra

The Right Orchestra has 19 rows from A to T, with seats running evenly from right to left between 2 and 26. Seats closer to the inside aisle face more directly towards the stage, and rows A-F are excellent for detail. By contrast, far aisle seats up to row K may be marked partial view, and the Boxes above may curve into the top of the stage slightly. Towards the back, shorter patrons may not have enough rake for a completely clear view. Legroom is better on the aisles, with cleaner and less-angled sightlines on the inside aisle. Seats cost more in the front rows and become cheaper towards the back and right-hand aisle.

Three Boxes are elevated to the side of the section, and though private, may offer partial views of the stage.

Center Orchestra

Center Orchestra seating comprises 19 rows starting with A and ending at the rear with T. Seats number 101-114 right to left and both aisles are ideal for extra legroom thanks to their relatively head-on position to the stage. The clearest sightlines are in rows A-D, which are right up close to the stage, perfect for taking in fine details. Good value seats are also available in rows H-N. In the back half of the Center Orchestra the rake is fair, but shorter patrons may find their view obstructed a bit by people sitting in front. Conversely, the Mezzanine overhang doesn’t affect sightlines much at all. The most expensive seats in the Center Orchestra are in the front, and patrons will find tickets cost a bit less in the more distant back rows.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Seats in rows A-D of the Center Orchestra are ideal. The Eugene O’Neill Theatre’s stage isn’t high, so patrons in the front rows can enjoy immersive and detailed views without feeling uncomfortable. Sitting slightly further back allows for a more comprehensive view of the entire performance.

Best legroom seats

Like most Broadway venues, the pitch between rows can be very tight, and the best legroom is on any aisle. Seats on the inner aisles of the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Orchestra are best for combining legroom and a good view.


• The Mezzanine overhang starts at row L; its effect is minimal
• Accessible seating is on this level
• Up to row K, far aisle seats may be marked partial view
• The best views are in rows A-D of the Center Orchestra
• The stage isn’t too high so there is less neck craning in row A


The Orchestra is the most expensive section, with premium seats in rows A-F of the Center Orchestra. There are plenty of value-for-money options, especially in rows M-Q of the Center Orchestra and on the inside of the Left and Right Orchestra. Prices tend to fall the further back patrons sit, with the cheapest seats in rows L-S of the side sections.


The Eugene O’Neill has bars on every level of seating, which helps cut down queues a little. The Orchestra bar sells a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks which can be taken back to seats.


The closest restrooms are one level (19 steps) below the Orchestra. These serve every level of seating so it’s best to be quick to avoid the queues. There is no accessible restroom that accommodates wheelchairs; patrons can ask staff for assistance accessing the restroom in an adjacent hotel.

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