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    The Lyceum Theatre Balcony is the smallest area in the auditorium, with 210 seats spread across up to seven rows in the Left, Right and Center sections. Located up four flights of stairs from the ground-floor Orchestra, the Balcony is also the section furthest from the stage. The Balcony is therefore not suitable for patrons with limited mobility and does not offer any wheelchair or transfer seating.

    Rows in the Balcony can feel very tight, with legroom noticeably restricted unless you sit on the aisle. The rake is also steep, and some patrons may feel uncomfortable sitting at this height. The rake is an advantage for keeping views generally clear however, especially in the Center Balcony. This section faces directly overhead, for a much cheaper price than elsewhere in the theater. Some safety features such as a bar in front of row A can cut across the stage, so seats a few rows back are ideal.

    Views are more restricted towards the sides of the Left and Right Balcony, especially in the cheapest double-digit seats. Whilst it is by no means the most comfortable area of seating at the Lyceum Theatre – or the best for views of the stage – the Balcony is a good, cheap option for theatergoers who don’t mind prioritizing cost over seat quality.

    Left Balcony

    The Left Balcony comprises seven rows of seats beginning at 1 on the inside, increasing up to 23 on the far aisle. The back two rows, F and G, are shorter with seven to eight seats. Views from double-digit seats such as C21 are more partial than those closer to the inside aisle, and patrons will find that action at the left-hand side of the stage is harder to see. Sitting close to the inside ensures a better sightline, although row A has a safety bar in front which can obstruct the bottom of the stage.

    When entering this section, patrons should take care on the steep steps down to seats, as well as the very cramped pitch; legroom is a lot better on aisle seats. Some patrons may find that the section feels too steep for comfort. However, those looking for good value seats in Lyceum Theatre should note that single-digit spots in rows B and C can offer relatively clear views down to the stage for a budget-friendly price.

    Right Balcony

    Right Balcony seating is even-numbered from 2 on the inside to 24 on the outside, with seven rows. A safety bar in front of row A can cut across the stage, so patrons may want to choose rows B or C. Seats in the lower range such as C2 or D6 are less angled, with people in these seats able to see more of the right-hand side of the stage.

    The rows are set at a very steep rake to help avoid obstructions from people sitting in front, and caution should be taken by holding the handrails on the way down to seats. Legroom is also very limited, so inside aisle seats should be first choice for more space. Seats at the very back of the Right Balcony are amongst the cheapest in the theater because of the distance and angle. Towards the front and inside, prices rise but remain comparatively inexpensive.

    Center Balcony

    Seats in the Center Balcony face directly down onto the stage, and increase right to left from 101-112. The five rows move back on a very steep rake which is excellent for avoiding obstructed views, but can feel distant at the back. Sometimes other theatergoers might lean forward, and this could affect sightlines. The safety bar running along row A may also cut across the stage, especially for shorter theatergoers.

    Patrons with limited mobility or vertigo may find this section feels too high and confined. To alleviate this, look at buying an aisle seat for easy access. Aisle seats in the Center Orchestra are particularly good because they aren’t too far to the sides of the stage. The best seats for a clear view are in the middle of rows B and C, which are priced similarly to the back of the Mezzanine.

    SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

    Sitting in rows B and C of the Center Balcony ensures a relatively clear, if steep, view of the stage that avoids obstructions from the safety bar in row A.

    Best legroom seats

    Legroom is definitely at a premium in the Balcony, so anyone needing extra space should try for a seat on the inside aisles, such as D101 or G1.


    • The best seats are in the Center Balcony, rows B and C
    • Hold onto the handrails on your way down to your seats – the section is very steep
    • Legroom is scarce, so try to get an aisle seat to avoid discomfort
    • A safety bar in row A can cut across the stage
    • Seats at the far sides and corners will feel distant and partial view


    The Balcony is by far the cheapest seating area in the Lyceum Theatre. The most expensive seats in the Center Balcony are similar in price to the back half of the Mezzanine, and prices continue to fall in the back and side rows.


    The Lyceum Theatre bar is down in the lobby, on the ground floor. This can be a long walk for patrons in the Balcony, and drinks can be expensive when you get downstairs.


    There is a small and rather cramped restroom in the Balcony, with other options on the Mezzanine level or on the ground floor. Patrons should be careful when queuing on steep stairs for the restroom.

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