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Orchestra Guide

The Orchestra is the largest and most expensive section in the Neil Simon Theatre, totaling around 700 seats split across three areas - Left, Right and Center – with aisles running in between and at either side.

The best seats are across the front half of the Center Orchestra, where patrons can enjoy unobstructed, immersive views and the details of individual performances. Towards the rear of the section and double-digit seats in the Left and Right Orchestra, sightlines are more partial, taking into account the angle and distance to the stage. The Mezzanine overhang starts at row J, and seats beyond this may experience cut-off at the top of the stage. This is most obvious after row S.

Legroom across the Orchestra is better in aisle seats, although patrons should be aware that at the far sides of the Left and Right Orchestra and in the back corners, views become more restricted and side-on. Prices are set to reflect this, with the most expensive seats in the front half of the Center Orchestra.

Seven wheelchair and eight transfer seats are available across all three blocks, with adjacent companion seats also provided. The Neil Simon Theatre Orchestra is completely step-free for all patrons.

Left Orchestra

The Left Orchestra has 20 rows from A-V which are set on a shallow rake. The section’s odd-numbered seating runs from 1 on the inside up to 21 on the far aisle and the front three rows tend to be slightly shorter (7 seats). Legroom is best on either aisle, but theatergoers should try the lower range such as C1 before the far side, where visibility of stage right is more restricted. Anyone sitting in the rows S-V may also be affected by the Mezzanine overhang, which cuts off the very top of the stage. The best sightlines at this angle are slightly further back, in rows D-G. Tickets in the left Orchestra are more expensive at the front and inside, becoming cheaper in more distant seats.

Right Orchestra

There are 20 rows (A-V) of even-numbered seats in the Right Orchestra, starting at 2 on the inside aisle and reaching 22 on the far side. The best views are from single-digit seats in rows D-G, which are at a good distance to avoid the stage itself blocking performances. Double-digit seats above 14 are further out, so the right-hand side of the stage will be partial view from here. At the rear, the rake is quite shallow, and the Mezzanine overhang cuts off the top of the stage after row S. The best legroom is on the inside aisle, which combines extra space with a more head-on sightline. Prices in the Right Orchestra are higher in the front rows, and gradually decrease at the back and far side.

Center Orchestra

The Center Orchestra comprises 24 rows from A-Z, with seats moving from 101 to 112 left to right. Rows U-Z are shorter than those in front (reaching between seven and 13 seats) and patrons sitting at this distance will notice the Mezzanine overhang cuts into the top of the stage. The rake is also not particularly steep, so taller theatergoers sitting in front might block the performance at times. Legroom across the section can be tight, but either aisle is a good, head-on option for patrons needing more space. The best views in the Center Orchestra are between rows A and D, which are also the most expensive. Seats in rows H-P are also very good for a clean, comprehensive picture of the stage at a slightly lower price.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Rows A-D in the Center Orchestra are very close to the stage and face head-on, which is perfect for an immersive, detailed couple of hours at the theater. Sitting a few rows back - for example H-P - is cheaper, with sightlines that are still decent.

Best legroom seats

Seats on any aisle are best for legroom, in particular the inside aisles. Patrons wanting extra room to stretch their legs should opt for seats such as D101, H2 or B112.


• The best views are in rows A-D of the Center Orchestra
• The Mezzanine overhang starts at row J and is obvious by row S
• Center Orchestra rows H-P represent good value seats
• Wheelchair spaces are located at the rear of the section
• Bars are either one floor up or one floor down from the Orchestra


The Orchestra is the most expensive seating area in the Neil Simon Theatre. The priciest seats are in rows A-F, which are more immersive and intimate than anywhere else. The middle rows in the Center Orchestra are a price bracket cheaper, matching the cost of the Left and Right Orchestra; good value tickets are in rows H-P. The cheapest seats in the Orchestra are in the back rows and far sides.


Bars at the Neil Simon Theatre are one floor below the Orchestra, in the lower lounge, or one floor above, in the Mezzanine. A variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available and those with secure tops can be taken back to seats.


The closest restrooms are one floor down in the lower lounge, or one floor up in the Mezzanine. These levels are accessible only by stairs. A wheelchair accessible restroom is located on the ground-floor Orchestra level.

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