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52 Mezzanine Photos

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Mezzanine Guide

Mezzanine seating is one level up from the Orchestra, with around 580 seats across Left, Right and Center sections divided by aisles, as well as Boxes suspended on either side. The Balcony overhang begins at row HH, and can make the back rows feel a bit enclosed thanks to its slope. Similarly, the safety railing and lighting rig in front of row AA may cut off parts of the stage for shorter patrons.

Views across the section are usually good, although - like many theaters - seats to either side will cut off the corresponding side of the stage. Seats further back can also feel distant, and patrons in front might block the view a little. However, the Mezzanine is a great option for enjoying lively performances and busy sets from an elevated viewpoint, particularly in the front few rows of the Center Mezzanine.

Steps up to the Mezzanine can be tight and narrow, so patrons should exercise caution when using them. Alternatively, an elevator is available in the lobby which serves this level. Once seated, legroom can be very tight so the aisle seats are popular choices.

The New Amsterdam Theatre Mezzanine has three wheelchair spaces with companion seats in the back rows, and the section is easily accessible using the elevator.

Left Mezzanine

The Left Mezzanine is spread across 15 rows (AA-QQ), with odd-numbered seats escalating from 1 to 29 on the far side. The section has overall good sightlines, with the best views in rows AA-CC. Inside aisle seats are usually better than double-digits; seats at the far side have restricted views of the left-hand side of the stage. Towards the back, the Balcony overhang feels more enclosed, but shouldn’t obstruct the view too much; nor should the Boxes, although they visibly stick out. Sitting further back may also necessitate a bit of leaning around patrons in front because the seats aren’t staggered. Legroom is very tight, so try to get an inside aisle seat for more space. Four elevated Boxes are to the left of the Mezzanine, but the height and angle to the stage can restrict sightlines.

Right Mezzanine

This section mirrors the Left Mezzanine, with even-numbered seats from 2 on the inside up to 30 on the far aisle. The best and most expensive seats are on the inside of rows AA-CC, however shorter patrons may find the safety railing obstructive in row AA. In the back corners, the Balcony overhang is more obvious because of its sloping ceiling, but it shouldn’t cut off much of the stage. These are some of the cheapest seats in the section to reflect their distant views. Seats at the far side such as EE29 are more angled, and the very right-hand side of the stage will be restricted from here.

Four elevated Boxes with a total of seven seats are suspended next to the Mezzanine, but the angle can be very side-on to the stage.

Center Mezzanine

This is the preferred section in the Mezzanine, with every seat across the 14 rows facing directly forward. Seating starts at 101 on the right aisle and ends at 116 on the left; both aisles are excellent options for legroom. Rows AA-CC offer the best views compared to the cheaper back rows which can feel distant. Shorter patrons may find their view obstructed by people sitting in front, or may have to lean around a bit in the back rows where the seating isn’t staggered as well. However, views are generally very good down to the stage, and it’s an excellent position to take in the bright and busy performances Disney is famous for.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Rows A-D in the Center Mezzanine are perfect for a big Disney show. Adults and children alike can be entertained by the bright, colorful sets and special effects from up here.

Best legroom seats

To make the most of this section, choose a seat on any of the four inner aisles for better legroom and a central view.


• An elevator can take patrons with limited mobility up to this level
• Step-free wheelchair spaces and companion seats are in the Right Orchestra
• The best views are in the Center Mezzanine, rows AA-CC
• Left and Right Mezzanine rows MM-QQ are short; far aisle seats are more central than other rows
• The Balcony overhang starts at row HH; the back corners feel more enclosed by this


Seats in the Center Mezzanine are the most expensive in this section, being similar in value to the middle rows of the Center Orchestra. Good value seats for the rake and view are on the inside of the Left and Right Orchestra and a few rows back in the Center. Prices are cheapest in the back couple of rows and far aisle seats.


A small concession stand selling refreshments is on the ground floor. Queues for this can get very busy during the intermission.


Patrons sitting in the Mezzanine can access restrooms on the same floor either before the show or during the intermission. There is also a wheelchair accessible restroom, along with wider stalls in the men’s and women’s restrooms.

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