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Balcony Guide

The Balcony is the highest and farthest section of seating in the Shubert Theatre, with 350 seats across three distinct sections. Situated up three flights of stairs, this section is not ideal for patrons with limited mobility, although there are four transfer seats in the back rows, closest to the stairs.

The Balcony is split into a Left, Right and Center with around nine rows of seating. The best views are in the Center Balcony or row A, especially in the lower range of numbers near the inside aisles. Towards the sides and back rows, view become more distant and negatively affected by the curve of the seats and thin support pillars between rows C and D. Some patrons may also find the angle to be too steep to appreciate the details of a performance, especially if other theatergoers lean into sight lines.

Balcony seating is the cheapest available at the Shubert Theatre, with prices dropping in the back rows and corners. If patrons are happy to compromise on comfort and sightline quality to save money, this section represents a good value opportunity to experience a Broadway show. Seats 101-114 in row A are also good value for the distant yet mainly clear view.

Left Balcony

The Left Balcony is one of the cheapest seating areas in the Shubert Theatre. Seats begin at 1 and reach 27 at the far side, where the section curves slightly into side-on views. The section is very steep, and legroom is sparse; patrons should definitely purchase an aisle seat if available. The best views in the Left Balcony are from the single-digit seats in row A, although you may have to lean forward a little to see the very front of the stage. Towards the back rows, the steep rake makes the angle sharper, and patrons sitting in front may lean forward and block the view. Thin support poles near the aisle in rows C-D will also bisect the stage from most angles behind them.

Right Balcony

The Right Balcony comprises nine rows of seats from A at the front to J at the rear; in the far corner of row J, views are at their steepest and most distant. Seats are even-numbered in the range of 2 to 28. Support poles by the aisle at rows C and D bisect sightlines in seats diagonally behind, but they aren’t wide enough to block significant portions of the performance. The best seats are towards the inside of the front three or four rows, where there are fewer patrons sitting in front and all but the very front of the stage is clearly visible. These are also the more expensive seats in the Right Balcony – the back rows are by far the cheapest options for those on a budget.

Center Balcony

The nine Center Balcony rows have more direct sightlines, with seats starting at 101 on the right aisle and reaching 114 on the left. Row J at the back has just four seats which are on either side of the sound booth. Between rows C and D, there are thin support pillars near the aisles which can obstruct the view at times. The best seats in the Center Balcony are in rows A and B; despite being very high, patrons in these rows won’t feel too removed from the show and the steep angle doesn’t kick in until a few rows back. The angle is more detrimental in the back rows, where patrons are likely to lean into each other’s sightlines and cause restricted views. These seats are usually cheaper than the front rows.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Row A of the Center Balcony is quite high and patrons may have to lean over a little to catch the very front of the stage, but it delivers a wide, downward view of the stage with enough detail to enjoy performances on a budget.

Best legroom seats

The Shubert Theatre Balcony’s steep rake makes it less than ideal for space. Patrons should buy tickets for aisle seats, particularly towards the inside, for extra room.


• Thin support poles are near the aisles in Center Balcony rows C and D
• The legroom is cramped up here; opt for seats on the aisles if possible
• Try to avoid the corner seats as these are more distant and restricted view
• The Balcony is very steep, so hold onto the handrails when getting to your seat
• The best views are in the Center Balcony, row A


The Balcony is the cheapest level of seating in the Shubert Theatre, with prices starting lower than anywhere else in the venue. Seats at the very back and sides may be cheaper still. The Balcony is a good example of Broadway on a budget for anyone who isn’t put off by restricted views.


The main lobby bar is open before the show and during the intermission. This bar is down 54 steps from the Balcony and queues may get too long to get back in time during the intermission.


Restrooms are available in the Balcony, although they offer a limited number of stalls. Patrons can also go down to the Mezzanine (22 steps) for more restrooms.

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