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Mezzanine Guide

The Mezzanine is considerably smaller than the Shubert Theatre Orchestra, with 410 seats available to patrons. It is set out in Left, Right and Center sections with aisles running in between, and rows are stepped to improve the view. In all three sections of the Mezzanine, the front four rows are impressively elevated yet close enough to see some good detail, although double-digit seats in the Left and Right Orchestra will inevitably have more partial views. Overall sightlines are best in rows A and B of the Center Mezzanine, which are very popular amongst theatergoers who don’t like sitting on a flat Orchestra level.

The Balcony overhang starts quite early above row C, but doesn’t affect views until row G or H. After this, the overhang is low enough to cover the top of the stage, although most shows shouldn’t be too badly impacted by this feature. There are five transfer seats in the Mezzanine. As the section is accessible by stairs only, patrons with limited mobility should exercise caution if booking tickets.

Prices in the Mezzanine start in the same range as the mid-to-back Orchestra, with the cheapest seats in towards the back and sides of the section.

Left Mezzanine

The Left Mezzanine has 10 rows with seats running odd-numbered from 1 to 27 in the front half and 1 to 25 after row F. The best views of the stage are on the inside of rows A-D, which don’t feel too steep and are close enough to make out details. After row G, the Balcony overhang is more prominent and obstructs the upper part of the stage. At this angle, patrons in front may block the view if they are tall or lean forward. Seats across the Left Mezzanine offer quite wide views, but double-digit seats have restricted sightlines into the left-hand side and corner of the stage. The most expensive seats in this section are towards the front and inside aisles, and seats in the back rows are cheaper than most Orchestra seats.

Right Mezzanine

The Right Mezzanine is similar in layout to the Left, although seats are numbered evenly between 2 and 28. The back rows, H-K, feel steeper and more distant and the Balcony overhang slopes down to cover the top of the stage. These seats are cheaper than the premium options along the inside of rows A-D, which are good for clear overhead views of a show. Legroom is a bit tight in the Right Mezzanine and patrons will find aisle seats offer more space. Seats on the far aisle are much more angled than those on the inside however, so views of the right-hand side of the stage will be restricted from here. Rows E-G are a fair compromise between the most expensive and most obstructed seats in the Right Mezzanine.

Center Mezzanine

The Center Mezzanine has 10 rows of seats ranging between 101 and 114 right to left, elevated directly in front of the stage. Premium seats in rows A and B combine an elevated position with impressive detail of sets and acting, and seats in the very middle of row A are often considered some of the best in the Shubert Theatre. After row G, the Balcony overhang drops into the top of the stage and patrons are more likely to lean into each other's sightlines; good value options rest between rows E and G where elevated views of the stage are mainly clear. The Center Mezzanine’s pitch can be tight for taller patrons, with the best options for legroom on either aisle.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Rows A and B of the Center Mezzanine are excellent, and many patrons prefer these seats to those in the Orchestra. Seats in these rows are ideal for enjoying a musical or a drama thanks to their wide yet detailed views of the stage.

Best legroom seats

Patrons should look for available seats on the inside aisles to make the most of extra legroom with a central view.


• Balcony overhang starts at row C and cuts into the stage after row G
• The best elevated yet detailed views are in rows A and B of the Center Mezzanine
• Seats in the back rows and far sides have more partial or restricted views
• Rows E-G in the Center Mezzanine are good value seats


The most expensive Center Mezzanine seats start just below premium Orchestra prices. As views become more affected by the Balcony, distance and angle, prices drop. The cheapest seats in the Shubert Theatre Mezzanine are in the back two rows and far sides.


The main lobby bar serves a variety of drinks and snacks to patrons, but will become busy very quickly.


The closest restrooms are in the Mezzanine, although there may be fewer stalls on this level. If queues get long, patrons can check lines below the Orchestra (54 steps down) or in the Balcony (22 steps up).

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