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Mezzanine Guide

The Mezzanine hangs above the Orchestra and comprises around 322 seats across Left, Right and Center, with all three sections being similar in size. Running across eight to nine rows, the entire section measures 40 seats at its longest point, which curve to face the stage.

Views from front to back are usually quite clear, especially in the Center Mezzanine, and acoustics similarly remain good in the section. The Balcony overhang, starting at row D, may cause some cut-off at the top of the stage, but by contrast the Mezzanine’s steep rake ensures patrons in front shouldn’t block the view. Seats to the sides and back will have a more angled view of the stage than the premium front and middle rows, and prices are staggered to accommodate this. Despite this, the Walter Kerr Theatre Mezzanine is recognized for above-average sightlines.

The Mezzanine is not step-free, with an initial 37 steps up from the Orchestra. A further two steps are situated up to each row of seating, with handrails available along every aisle. The steep rake makes the Mezzanine less suitable for patrons with limited mobility.

Left Mezzanine

Seats in the Left Mezzanine are placed across nine rows and are odd-numbered, starting at 1 on the inside and ending at 25 on the outside. The back row is about half the length of the others, starting midway at 13-23. Views in row A are excellent and feel close to the stage, although shorter patrons may find the safety rail is distracting to their sightline. Seats in the double digits curve towards the stage and are at more of an angle, but views are impressively clear despite this. Whilst the steep rake helps sightlines, it also makes the pitch less comfortable, so anyone wanting extra legroom should choose an aisle seat. Seats in the back row can be quite a lot cheaper than the front, so patrons looking to spend less may be able to balance a decent view with a decent price here.

Right Mezzanine

The Right Mezzanine is similar in size and layout to the Left, although it has eight rather than nine rows, all of a similar length. Rows begin at 2 on the inside aisle and increase even-numbered to 26. Sightlines across the section are very good thanks to the steep rake; even corner seats which cut off the very side of the stage offer a wide overhead view that is considered above average for Broadway mezzanines. Like the rest of the section, legroom is much better on the aisles and theatergoers should initially head for seats on the inside such as C2. Seats across the Right Mezzanine feel quite intimate because the Walter Kerr Theatre is relatively small, so the cheaper seats towards the sides and back are very good value options.

Center Mezzanine

Comprising eight rows of continuous seating from 101 on the right to 118 on the left, the Center Mezzanine is an excellent option for its overhead views and clear sightlines throughout. Premium seats are across rows A and B, with the one drawback for shorter patrons being the safety railing which may cut off parts of the stage. However, anyone worried about this can enjoy aerial views from a few rows back without feeling too far away from the performers below. Legroom is more expansive on either aisle, where seats still face close to head-on above the stage, and prices gradually decrease towards the back rows, where patrons may feel a bit more distant.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

The Center Mezzanine rows A-C are generally excellent. Patrons don’t feel too distant from the stage below and can enjoy clear, clean sightlines.

Best legroom seats

Seats on the inside aisles such as B101, G2 or D1 combine extra legroom with direct views down to the stage.


• The Balcony overhang starts at row D
• Shorter patrons might find the safety railing in front of row A distracting
• Cheaper seats at the sides and back have impressive views of the stage
• Premium seats are in the Center Mezzanine, row A
• Handrails are available on every aisle for stepped rows


The Mezzanine is most expensive in the Center section, row A. Prices here are on a level with seats a few rows back in the Center Orchestra. As seats move towards the sides and back of the section, prices fall, with the cheapest options at the corners of the Left and Right Mezzanine. Good value seats in Walter Kerr Theatre Mezzanine can be found between these two extremes.


A bar is located at the rear of the Mezzanine, and closes five minutes before the performance begins. Prices can be expensive like any Broadway venue, so patrons may want to have a drink elsewhere after.


Restrooms are located downstairs, between the Mezzanine and the Orchestra. Patrons should expect about 18 steps down to reach the restrooms, where queues can get long during the interval. A wheelchair accessible restroom is on the Orchestra level.

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