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Winter Garden Theatre

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Mezzanine Guide

The Mezzanine is markedly smaller than the Orchestra. It is divided into four blocks of seats separated by aisles, with the smallest group of seats curving to the far left. Wide but shallow, the section runs across nine rows at most, with around 70 seats at its longest point.

Views in the center of the Mezzanine are very good, with the front two to three rows popular for patrons wanting a clear sight of the stage without being too close. The width of the Mezzanine means far side seats offer partial views of the stage. However, the width also offers a spectacular panoramic view with a good rake ensuring relatively clear sight lines at the back.

The Mezzanine is not step-free, with two flights of stairs totaling 34 steps to reach the level. A further two steps take patrons down to each row. Five transfer seats are available in the Mezzanine, although the section is not recommended for those with extremely limited mobility.

Prices across the Mezzanine are generally cheaper than those in the Orchestra, with the most expensive seats also being the best towards the front and center.

Far Left Mezzanine The far Left Mezzanine is the smallest section, with seats running odd-numbered between 1 on the inside and up to 27 on the outside. Views are best in the lower-numbered half of the section, with visibility of the left side of the stage becoming restricted the further out patrons sit. Prices are set to reflect this. A safety bar in row A may also cause some restrictions for shorter patrons. For extra legroom, row A or aisle seats are both good options, and notably rows towards the back of the far Left Mezzanine end mid-way, meaning the view is not compromised as much.

Center Left Mezzanine

The center Left Mezzanine is one of the best options in the elevated section, as the height and distance give great overviews of the stage. This is at its best in the lower numbered seats, as the section runs from 139 on the left-hand side to 101 on the inside. Rows start with A at the front, ending with G at the back. A safety bar in front of row A may block some of the stage for shorter patrons, but generally views are very good. In keeping with the rest of the theater, aisle seats offer more legroom. The back couple of rows offer the cheapest seats for center Left Mezzanine, and seats in rows A-D match superior views with a higher asking price.

Center Right Mezzanine

Like center Left, the center Right Mezzanine is another superior option for patrons. Seats are numbered evenly from 102-144, stretching back eight rows. The curve of the Mezzanine is not as noticeable in this section so views of the stage are less angled than seats in the far Left and Right Mezzanine. Views continue to be best at the lower range of seat numbers, particularly in the premium priced rows A-D. For less money, representing good value seats in Winter Garden Theatre Mezzanine, rows E and F also offer superior sightlines thanks to a decent rake. The two back rows’ seating is split up somewhat so there are more options for additional legroom here.

Far Right Mezzanine

The Winter Garden Theatre’s far Right Mezzanine holds the largest number of seats for the section, running even-numbered between 2-44 across nine rows. The width of the theater becomes more evident at this point; seats numbering in the higher range have partial views of the right-hand side of the stage. These partial view seats are not only the cheapest in the Mezzanine, but in the whole theater; as the view improves, prices become higher and the most expensive tickets can be purchased for rows A and B. Once again, legroom is at a premium for patrons sitting in aisle seats.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Rows A-C in the center Left and center Right Mezzanine offer some of the best view from seat experiences in the Winter Garden Theatre, especially for patrons preferring an elevated view of the performance.

Best legroom seats

Theatergoers looking for more legroom should choose seats on the center Left and center Right aisles initially, as views at the extreme edges are more restricted.


• Pick an aisle seat in the center sections for comfort and a good view
• The section curves towards the sides, and views become more restricted
• Restrooms and the bar are both one level down, and get busy during the interval
• Handrails are available on the far side aisles in the Mezzanine
• The best views are in center rows A-C


The Winter Garden Theatre Mezzanine seats are generally cheaper than the Orchestra, although seats are still priced higher along the front and center rows thanks to their attractive clear views. Anyone looking to spend less on tickets will find the lowest prices in partial view seats at the far sides of the section.


Patrons can buy refreshments one floor down, towards the back of the Orchestra level.


Restrooms are located one floor down (34 steps), in the lobby. With patrons from the Orchestra and Mezzanine all using the same restrooms, lines can become very long during the interval.

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