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Adelphi Theatre
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Adelphi Theatre Capacity

The Adelphi Theatre has a capacity of 1460 seats. Section capacities are 622 Stalls, 433 Dress Circle and 405 Upper Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 9145 seat reviews and 7307 photos of views from seat.

Despite the stunning architecture, the theatre is notoriously tricky in terms of seating, and it is worthwhile investing some time to find the perfect place to sit. Seat prices differ across all levels due to various obstructions and overhangs, which means that the best value for money is often hidden away. The best seats are towards the centre of each row, especially for the big musicals which are often housed at the theatre.

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Adelphi Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

The front row of the Upper Circle is often discounted. If you can put up with limited leg room and want a clear view of the stage it is certainly worth a look. Make sure you go for the middle of the row first!

Premium seats

The Dress Circle provides some spectacular views, especially if you can sit close to the middle. Try the second or third row back and you will be able to see all of the action perfectly. If you are seeing a play you will be better off in the Stalls, as it is easier to catch the detail in the actors' expressions.

Recent Audience Photos

Upper Circle A32

mattharrison1 5' 11", 84 reviews, 2 helpful votes

This seat is an absolute STEAL! About 5% of the stage is blocked and virtually nothing happens there. Not too far from the stage so can still make out facial expressions, very decent legroom, great comfort, very close to the ladies loos to nip int... More

Saw Back to the Future the Musical Back to the Future the Musical on 30 September 2023

Stalls A25

ellie81 5' 5", 135 reviews, 2 helpful votes

You do miss quite a bit at the back of the stage, particularly the effects with the car, but for the reduced price, front stalls for fans of the show is fab for being the “McFly Zone” at the end. It’s a high stage and leg room could be better, but... More

Saw Back to the Future the Musical Back to the Future the Musical on 21 September 2023

Stalls A28

gerrardkane 5' 7", 94 reviews, 15 helpful votes

Not a great view, simply put ok. You absolutely can't see the delorean in key scenes and only the actors from the knee up, you miss the view of their feet. Ok for a repeat visit but a disappointing seat on the whole. More

Saw Back to the Future the Musical Back to the Future the Musical on 20 September 2023

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