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Adelphi Theatre
Upper Circle

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    The Upper Circle feels very distant from the action, but may not prove a problem for larger musicals. For intimate plays, the distance is worth considering as it may hinder enjoyment. This section is divided into two halves by a horizontal aisle.

    A shallow rake means that it can be difficult to see action at the front of the stage, particularly when seated towards the rear of the section. The front rows of the Upper Circle provides the clearest views, specifically in the centre. Seats towards the ends of rows suffer from a drastic side-view, but still have a good overall view of the stage.

    The rear of this section should be avoided as seats are particularly uncomfortable, and a large safety rail restricts the view of the final two rows.


    The Upper Circle bar is 63 steps up from the foyer.


    Upper Circle toilets are up a number of steps.

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