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Lyceum Theatre
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Lyceum Theatre Capacity

The Lyceum Theatre has a capacity of 2185 seats. Section capacities are 945 Stalls, 658 Royal Circle and 582 Grand Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 3583 seat reviews and 1996 photos of views from seat.

Despite housing of the largest auditoriums in the West End, the theatre provides excellent views throughout the auditorium. Seating feels close to the stage, with minimal restrictions and great overall views.

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Lyceum Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

Boxes in the Stalls are tremendous fun to sit in and are usually cheaper than seats throughout the Stalls, due to the height and the side-angle. Otherwise, sitting in the rear of the Royal Circle or in the front of the Grand Circle offers some good views for a discounted price.

Premium seats

Some of the best seats are in the front section of the Stalls and the Royal Circle. Sitting in the aisle in the Stalls allows for a tremendously immersive experience, as you will be able to see actors and puppets close-up. Alternatively, sit in the front and centre of the Royal Circle for an amazing panoramic view of the entire stage.

Recent Audience Photos

Royal Circle A12

jeenab 1 reviews

Couldn’t believe how good the view was from here! So impressed with the price of the ticket and the view I got. I had a very fidgety person next to me, which was quite annoying but other than that 10/10 More

Saw The Lion King The Lion King on 22 February 2023

Stalls A24

Angelstorm 5' 5", 58 reviews, 2 helpful votes

As the ticket states, the view is obstructed by the conductor. However, if that's an obstructed view, I'll take it every single time !! Seeing all the action up close is a fantastic experience and it's why I keep coming back again and again ! The... More

Saw The Lion King The Lion King on 07 February 2023

Grand Circle B35

SuttonPeron 6' 3", 24 reviews

The safety rail did not bother me, personally. But it is there, and it might not be ideal for your first visit to the show. For the price, it´s a bargain. The seat was comfortable, and great to get a general view of the stunning ensemble numbers a... More

Saw The Lion King The Lion King on 04 February 2023

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