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Lyceum Theatre Capacity

The Lyceum Theatre London has a capacity of 2185 seats. Section capacities are 945 Stalls, 658 Royal Circle and 582 Grand Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 4586 seat reviews and 2916 photos of views from seat.

Despite housing of the largest auditoriums in the West End, the theatre provides excellent views throughout the auditorium. Seating feels close to the stage, with minimal restrictions and great overall views.

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Lyceum Theatre Seating Plan

Good Value Seats

If you want cheaper tickets that deliver a magical experience, Stalls Boxes are a fantastic choice. They usually cost less than elsewhere in the Stalls due to their height and side-on angle, which is classed as a restricted view. Theatregoers who have chosen these seats are full of praise - they are huge fun to sit in (get ready for some surprises from cast members before Act 2!) and according to one audience member in E4, you will feel “like royalty”!

Boxes are also some of the best value seats for extra legroom thanks to adjustable free-standing chairs, with row R in the Stalls another top choice because there is a horizontal aisle in front.

Finally, cheap tickets further back in rows M - P of the Royal Circle or in the front of the Grand Circle have a good view from seat for less. Booster seats are available to make sure children enjoy every moment of the show.

Where is the best place to sit at Lyceum Theatre?

There are several excellent seats at The Lion King that give a five-star view of this West End favourite. For the best possible experience, sit about a third of the way back in the Stalls, rows Row K - N, in a seat toward one of the aisles such as K30. These are the best seats if you want to enjoy the colourful details of the sets, costumes and puppets from a perfect distance.

When you are booking, take advice from one theatre fan in Stalls N31: “make sure you get the aisle seat!”. Central aisle seats are an experience like no other because they guarantee an encounter with performers and animal puppets as the show begins - brilliant for kids!

The Royal Circle is another popular choice for families because of its elevated, panoramic view of the stage. From here you can be wowed by the drama and magic of the show without heads getting in the way. Sit in central seats across rows A - C like B27 for some of the best views in the Lyceum Theatre.

Recent Audience Seat View Photos

Stalls N4

Lyceum Theatre Stalls N4 view from seat photo
From the way the auditorium curves the right side of the stage is not visible for a lot of moments of the show. Can be quite... More
The Lion King
Saw The Lion King on 11 July 2024

Stalls P32 Verified

Lyceum Theatre Stalls P32 view from seat photo
It’s the perfect seat . Right in the centre . View is amazing from here and you get to experience the action in person as the... More
The Lion King
Saw The Lion King on 10 July 2024

Royal Circle C46 Verified

Lyceum Theatre Royal Circle C46 view from seat photo
The view from this seat was very good, but theatre is vast so it feels far back. For this reason I rated 4 stars, coupled wit... More
The Lion King
Saw The Lion King on 10 July 2024

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