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Stalls Guide

The Stalls are divided by two aisles that run the length of the auditorium, with an additional aisle running between Row P and R. Rows are gently raked to allow seats at the rear of the Stalls to have an overall clear view of the stage.

The Royal Circle overhang does not occur until Row Q, allowing the front half to have completely unobstructed views of the stage. The overhang affects seats at the rear of the Stalls, which is factored into the price of tickets. Due to the shape of the theatre, there are several restricted views in seats at the ends of rows, all of which are taken into consideration with regards to pricing.

Due to the interactive nature of The Lion King, the Stalls are a popular choice for children, with booster seats available to assist the view. Boxes in the Stalls are also a good choice, with movable chairs that can be positioned for the best view.


The bar on this level is fully accessible, however drinks can also be brought to access patrons. Wheelchair users are able to access the bar via a gentle slope, however there are no lower counters.


Women’s toilets can be found 1 step up from the side of the Stalls or 10 steps down from the Stalls bar. Men’s toilets are located off the Stalls bar. There are two accessible toilets situated just inside the level access entrance towards the Stalls. If the toilet is locked, contact a member of staff.

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