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Prince Edward Theatre
Dress Circle

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Dress Circle Guide

The Dress Circle is divided into a number of different sections, with a front and back section split by a horizontal aisle that runs behind Row E. The front is moderately curved, with five rows making it feel quite intimate. Rows A-E provide the best views of the stage.

The rear Dress Circle is split into three blocks of varying sizes, with the majority of the seats in the middle section. A small safety rail at the end of each aisle can cause problems for those sat at the end of each row.

There is a sharp rake between rows F-O, which expand towards the rear of the section. The Grand Circle overhang begins at Row L, but only affects seats in the back rows. Seats are curved at the back, although this does not create obstructions. Loge seats run down the side of the auditorium, offering a stark side view of the stage, although these are not restricted view and can be great value for money.

Legroom is slightly limited in the Dress Circle, but is generally comfortable aside from the first two rows. Loges and Boxes offer varying degrees of comfort, but may offer better value for money than seats towards the ends of the row in the rear of the Dress Circle.

The best seats are located towards the front-centre, specifically in Row C.


The Dress Circle bar can be accessed via 27 steps up from the foyer, with seating available. There is no level access to this bar from the Boxes, but an at-seat service is available for access patrons.


Men’s and Women’s toilets can be found on the Dress Circle level. The adapted toilet is located in the main foyer. Access patrons will need to exit the Dress Circle at Greek Street and re-enter at Old Compton Street in order to use this toilet. Staff are on hand to assist.

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