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Soho Place Capacity

The Soho Place has a capacity of 602 seats.Use our interactive seating plan to view 281 seat reviews and 271 photos of views from seat.

The Soho Place Theatre has three levels - Stalls, First Balcony and Second Balcony - and the layout can be adapted for different productions. These include in-the-round, with seating on four sides of the stage, and thrust, with seating on three sides. Soho Place is an intimate, contemporary and innovative performance space with excellent sight lines throughout, and is carefully designed to ensure a great view and acoustics wherever you are sitting.

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Soho Place Seating Plan

Good Value Seats

Choose seats in the Second Balcony for the best value tickets at Soho Place. This is furthest away from the stage, but there are no support pillars to obstruct the view and you will be able to see everything on stage clearly. The front row of the Stalls also tends to be a little cheaper due to its proximity to the stage.

Premium Seats

The best seats at Soho Place are in the front row of the First Balcony, which offers a great angle for viewing the stage, and the middle rows of the Stalls. From here, you are a comfortable distance from the stage, with a great elevated view above the row in front.

Recent Audience Photos

Stalls F19

markh25 5' 10", 70 reviews, 4 helpful votes

Back of the stalls and raised up a bit so you can see. But you're still only 6 rows back and the view is tremendous. Love the fact that actors walk right by you on their way on and off the stage. Love this theatre! More

Saw Medea Medea on 21 February 2023

Stalls F3

laurakss 5' 5", 26 reviews

High-backed chairs and elevated seats. Not an issue for me as there was plenty of legroom and feet rested comfortably on footrest. Choose the first balcony if you want to see the whole stage and walkways at once. Choose the stalls if you want to... More

Saw Medea Medea on 14 February 2023

First Balcony A77

Jamb0r 5' 10", 269 reviews, 6 helpful votes

All of the seats in this theatre are uncomfortable, but this one isn’t any worse than others. The legroom was good and the view was perfect. There was a big light directly below me which you can see in the photo, but it didn’t block any of the action More

Saw Medea Medea on 10 February 2023

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