Theatre Royal Drury Lane Grand Circle

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Grand Circle guide

The Grand Circle feels high and distant from the stage. A severe rake improves sight-lines throughout, but it can cause the section to feel very steep. This section is divided into three wider sections with rows that curve around the stage. Due to the curve, seats towards the ends of rows may have a restricted side view, particularly in the first four rows.

Safety rails feature at the bottom of each aisle, causing seats directly behind to be restricted view. These seats can be a bargain. The Balcony overhang affects those in Row E and back, cutting off the top of the stage.

The size of the theatre means the Grand Circle can feel detached from the action. Despite the distance, the overall view of the stage and set is very effective, as is the sound quality.


The Grand Circle bar provides seating.


Women’s and Men’s toilets are located on this level.