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Theatre Royal Drury Lane
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Theatre Royal Drury Lane Capacity

The Theatre Royal Drury Lane London has a capacity of 1981 seats. Section capacities are 737 Stalls, 465 Royal Circle, 408 Grand Circle and 371 Balcony. Use our interactive seating plan to view 4948 seat reviews and 4787 photos of views from seat.

Pricing varies extensively throughout the theatre, which offers a wide range of excellent, unobstructed views. Due to the sheer size of the theatre, it is possible to feel distant from the stage, but as the stage itself is 22 metres deep, sitting further back allows you to take everything in.

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Theatre Royal Drury Lane Seating Plan

Good value seats

Seats in the Balcony at this theatre are always the cheapest and often the best value for money. Sitting near the front centre provides an excellent unobstructed view of the stage that allows you to absorb the atmosphere of this amazing venue. These seats can often be better than those in the Grand Circle.

Premium seats

Sit in the front of the Royal Circle for the best overall view of the vast stage! Seats 12-24 are dead-centre and avoid any restrictions that could occur in seats towards the ends of rows. Alternatively, sit in the Stalls for a hugely immersive experience devoid of any restrictions.

Recent Audience Photos

Royal Circle Box E2

saharb2 5' 4", 1 reviews

Comfy seats but obviously after a long time sitting I did get a bit of a numb bottom. Good legroom as far as theatres go. Also good incline. Stalls didn't look like they have a good incline. Great view could see everything and didn't feel too far... More

Saw Frozen the Musical Frozen the Musical on 23 November 2023

Stalls T35

jpl 5' 3", 3 reviews

The view would have been okay but unfortunately I had a tall person in front of me which blocked some of the view as the row in front was only slightly lower than my row. I had to lean to the side at times to see the stage. The seat was comfortabl... More

Saw Frozen the Musical Frozen the Musical on 18 November 2023

Royal Circle A8

emilykirsten 5' 4", 361 reviews, 7 helpful votes

There is a safety bar to the right of the seat that restricts the view if you’re sat back, but if you lean forward the view is perfect. Thankfully as the seat next to me was empty I did get to move across and the view from there was perfect even w... More

Saw Frozen the Musical Frozen the Musical on 16 November 2023

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