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Theatre Royal Drury Lane

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Stalls Guide

The Stalls is divided into a front and back section, split by a horizontal aisle that runs behind Row J, giving extra legroom to Row K. Rows slightly curve around the stage, causing seats at the ends of rows to be restricted view.

Due to the orchestra pit, seats in the front three or four rows will have the conductor in view, which some may find distracting. Legroom in the front section is very good.

The Royal Circle overhang begins at Row L and only affects those around Row U, which is reflected in the price of tickets. The rear of the Stalls cuts off the top of the stage, which can cause special effects and set to be missed in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The best seats are in the middle of the section, as the stage is very large and you need to be seated further back to take it all in.


The Stalls Bar can be found 17 steps down from the auditorium, with seating provided. There is no level access to this bar, but staff are on hand to bring drinks to those who are unable to access the bars.


Women’s and Men’s toilets are located on this level. Adapted unisex toilets are adjacent to the Russell Street accessible entrance. This toilet is locked, so patrons must ask the staff for a key.

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