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Mezzanine Guide

The Al Hirschfeld Theatre Mezzanine is only slightly smaller than the Orchestra below thanks to the venue’s width. 666 seats are split into three blocks divided by aisles, stretching back between 17 and 18 rows. The Left and Right Mezzanine are smaller than the Center, which has excellent panoramic views in rows A and B. A good rake means seats further back retain a decent view of the stage, although those in the last couple of rows and sides are restricted.

This section can be tight on space, especially for taller audience members. However, a space where rows E and F would be in the Left and Right Mezzanine means extra legroom can be taken advantage of across row G.

The Mezzanine does not have any wheelchair or transfer seats; a combination of stairs to reach the level and a steep rake make this section inadvisable for those with limited mobility, although handrails are available on every staircase for those who need them.

Prices in the Mezzanine are generally lower than the Orchestra, with the cheapest seats in the venue available towards the back and sides. 20 standing spaces are sometimes available at shorter notice.

Left Mezzanine

The Left Mezzanine comprises 17 rows of seats running odd-numbered from 1 on the inside aisle and as far as 25 on the outside. Where rows E and F should be, there is a horizontal aisle; patrons in row G behind can take advantage of seats being set higher above those in front, and more legroom. Extra legroom is also best on aisles, although seats towards the far side aisle offer a partial view of the left-hand side of the stage. The best seats (also the most expensive) in the Left Mezzanine are in rows A-D, on the inside. These seats have a clearer view of the stage than anywhere else in the section. The cheapest seats are in the back row and far corners, where the performance can feel distant.

Right Mezzanine

With 17 rows of seats numbering evenly from 2 to 26, the Right Mezzanine mirrors the Left Mezzanine’s layout. Rows E and F are replaced by an aisle space in front of row G, making it an ideal option for those wanting extra legroom. The width of the theater means sightlines across the section can be impressively panoramic, although seats towards the sides are more restricted. Ticket prices are markedly cheaper for patrons sitting at the far sides or back of the section, where the rake becomes steeper and details are less clear. The best and most expensive seats in the Right Mezzanine are on the inside of row A-D.

Center Mezzanine

With 18 rows that run continuously left to right from 115-101, the Center Mezzanine contains some of the best seats in the Al Hirschfeld Theatre. Those across rows A-C are particularly impressive, with sweeping views of the stage set back at a distance – a great vantage point for enjoying musicals. The pitch of the rows can be tight for taller patrons, with the best options for legroom on either aisle. The rake also becomes steeper in the back rows, which may cause the view to overhang too much. However, with seats in the middle few rows being a price bracket lower than the front, the section combines broadly good views with good value. Seats in rows A-K are priced similarly to Center Orchestra middle and back; the cheapest seats in the Center Mezzanine are along the back two rows.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Center Mezzanine seats in rows A-C have wide aerial views of the stage below, perfect for impressive musical set pieces.

Best legroom seats

Patrons should look for availability in the lower range of row G in the Left and Right Mezzanine for elevated views and spacious legroom. Aisle seats in the Center Mezzanine are the next best choice.


• Extra legroom can be found across row G in the Left and Right Mezzanine
• The Center Mezzanine rows A-C provide excellent panoramic sightlines
• Seats in the back rows and far sides are more restricted view
• No women’s restroom on this level; expect to walk down two flights of stairs


The front rows of the Center Mezzanine are priced on par with the middle and back rows of the Center Orchestra to reflect their good sightlines and desirable position. Theatergoers looking for the cheapest seats should expect to sit in the back row or far sides of the Left and Right Mezzanine.


The Al Hirschfeld Theatre has bars on both seating levels. In the Mezzanine, patrons can buy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to take back to their seats.


Men’s restrooms are located on the Mezzanine level; women will find restrooms two flights of stairs (38 steps) down, below the Orchestra.

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