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Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre

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Mezzanine Guide

The Mezzanine is elevated above the Orchestra, with 420 seats from rows A to K. A horizontal aisle rests between rows E and G to create a front and rear, and seats are further set out in Left, Right and Center blocks with aisles running in between.

There is a good rake in the Mezzanine from front to back, and from many seats there is an intimate feel that ensures a fair amount of detail. However, double-digit seats in the Left and Right Mezzanine will inevitably have more partial views of the stage due to their position at the far ends of rows. The best overall sightlines are in the Center Mezzanine, with premium seats in rows A and B.

The Mezzanine is also known for being tight on legroom, so any patrons who think they’ll be uncomfortable mid-row should look to purchase aisle seats, preferably on the inside of the section.

There are five transfer seats in the Mezzanine. As the section is accessible by stairs only, patrons with limited mobility should exercise caution if booking tickets.

Prices in the Mezzanine start in the same range as the mid-to-back Orchestra, with the cheapest seats in towards the back and sides of the section.

Left Mezzanine

This section is divided into three blocks: rows A to E, with odd-numbered seats between 1 and 27; rows E to K, behind a horizontal aisle with odd-numbered seats between 1 and 23; and rows G to K, with odd-numbered seats 25 to 29. The best views are from single-digit seats in rows A and B; the safety bar in front of row A may cut into the stage, however. Seats further to the side have partial views, and the back rows are a little more distant, although a good rake across the section keeps sightlines impressively clear. Legroom is very restricted mid row, although row E may have a little extra space; the aisles are also safe options for legroom. Prices in the Left Mezzanine are highest in the front rows, and decrease towards the back.

Right Mezzanine

This section is similar to the Left Mezzanine, with rows A to E in front, even numbered between 2 and 28. Behind a horizontal aisle, rows E to K number between 2 and 24, with a second block of rows G to K to the side, numbering 26 to 30. Rows A to E offer the best views, in particular single-digit seats that are more central to the stage. Patrons sitting in double-digit seats will have a more partial view, and although the back rows are more distant there is a good rake to keep seats elevated. Legroom is very tight, and where row E is behind an aisle there may be extra space; the aisles are also safe options for legroom. Prices in the Right Mezzanine are highest in the front rows, and decrease towards the back.

Center Mezzanine

The Center Mezzanine comprises 10 rows from A to K, with a horizontal aisle between rows E and G. Where row E is behind a bannister there may be extra legroom, which is useful for taller patrons in this cramped seating area. The best views in the Center Mezzanine are in the front few rows, especially rows A and B which are largely unobstructed with an impressive overhead perspective. There is a safety bar in front of row A which may be obstructive to shorter patrons however, so sitting a little further back is a good option thanks to the section’s well-raked rows. The rake also means rows J to K at the rear count as good value seats – they are the cheapest on offer in the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

The Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre feels quite intimate, so even the back rows of the Mezzanine are fairly good. However, the best views of the stage are in rows A and B of the Center Mezzanine. From these seats, patrons will feel immersed in the production whilst being able to appreciate the full sweep of the set.

Best legroom seats

Legroom can get very tight in the Mezzanine, with the best options for legroom on aisle seats. Where row E sits behind a horizontal aisle and a bannister, there may be some extra legroom here as well.


• Legroom is very tight; extra space is on the aisles and row E
• The best views are from the Center Mezzanine front rows
• A safety bar may cut into the stage from row A
• Rows J to K are very good value for their position
• The restrooms are two floors down; be quick to avoid intermission queues


In the Mezzanine, premium seats in the front rows begin at a similar price to the middle rows of the Center Orchestra, and patrons may prefer these for their elevated views. Further back, prices drop to match the sides of the Orchestra, with the cheapest seats in the theater in rows J to K.


The closest bar is down three flights of stairs (29 steps), behind the Orchestra. A variety of drinks and snacks are available, although they can be highly priced.


The closest restrooms are one floor below the Orchestra (four flights of stairs). These restrooms are used by patrons on all seating levels, so lines get very long during the intermission.

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