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Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre

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Orchestra Guide

The Orchestra is the largest area in the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, with 636 seats across Left, Right and Center. Elevated Boxes on either side seat a further 16 people for angled views, and up to 20 standing tickets are released at the rear. The three main sections are divided by aisles.

Views across the Orchestra don’t feel too distant thanks to the auditorium’s intimate size, although beyond row O the Mezzanine (which overhangs row I) begins to cut into the top of the stage. This usually won’t disrupt views of the actors, however. Seats further towards the outside aisles in the Left and Right Orchestra are also partial view, with sightlines into the sides of the stage restricted. Prices are therefore cheaper at the sides and back.

The best views - and most expensive seats - in the section are in rows A to D, especially in the Center Orchestra; any closer to the stage can feel slightly uncomfortable, and patrons may have to crane their necks to look up at the actors.

Seven wheelchair spaces are in the back half of the Orchestra, and seven transfer seats are also located in the section. The Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre Orchestra is step-free for all patrons.

Left Orchestra

This section has 18 rows from BB to R, with odd-numbered seating that expands from two seats at the front to a range of 1 to 25 at the rear. Views are best from single-digit seats between rows A and D; these offer a more direct and detailed look at the stage. At the back, views are distant but generally clear. The biggest obstructions in the Left Orchestra are the Mezzanine overhanging into the top of the stage slightly from row O, and restrictions to stage right (your left) from angled double-digit seats. These angles are more evident in the back rows. Prices are higher in the more desirable inside seats, and become cheaper towards the far side and back. Two Boxes are elevated to the side of the Left Orchestra, with more angled views of the stage.

Right Orchestra

The Right Orchestra comprises 18 rows from BB to R, with even-numbered seating in the range of 2 to 26. The front rows are much shorter, with two to six seats. The best views are from single-digit seats between rows A and D, which face more directly towards the stage. Legroom is best in the front row and on the aisles; patrons should opt for inside aisle seats as a first choice – views are more restricted from the far side, and cost less compared to the most desirable seats. Further back, the Mezzanine overhang cuts into the top of the stage from row O, but single-digit seats in the rear half are generally clear. Box seating is elevated to the side of the Right Orchestra, although sightlines of stage left (your right) will be restricted.

Center Orchestra

The Center Orchestra comprises 19 rows from AA to R, with seats running from 101-118 in the longest middle rows. Rows AA and BB may be too close to the stage for a full view, and the best sightlines are from rows A to D, which sit at a good distance from the stage. Patrons sitting in row O and behind will find the Mezzanine overhang cuts into and obstructs views of the top of the stage. However, a seat slightly further back than premium can be a good value deal with generally clean sightlines and an intimate feel. The best legroom in the Center Orchestra is on the aisle, with both sides good options thanks to their head-on positions to the stage. Prices start high closer to the stage, and reduce towards the rear.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Rows A to D in the Center Orchestra are some of the most popular in the theater. They are excellent seats for plays especially – from these rows, patrons can pick up lots of detail and feel immersed without having to crane their necks for long periods.

Best legroom seats

Legroom is about average for Broadway in the Orchestra, with the best options for extra space in an aisle seat at either end of the Center Orchestra, or on the inside of the Left and Right Orchestra.


• The Mezzanine overhang starts at row I and cuts into the top of the stage from row O
• The best views are from rows A to D in the Center Orchestra
• Rows AA and BB may be too close to the stage for comfortable viewing
• The back rows have a decent rake to keep views clear
• Step-free access to wheelchair and transfer seats


The Orchestra is the more expensive overall section in the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, with prices highest in the front and middle rows of the Center Orchestra. In the Left and Right Orchestra, prices vary more, with far-side seats and those at the rear usually set at more affordable rates to reflect the variation in views.


There is a bar serving drinks and refreshments on this level, behind the seating section. Like many Broadway venues, drinks can be quite pricey, so set a budget before heading down. Another bar is located one floor below the Orchestra.


The closest restrooms are one floor below the Orchestra, down a flight of stairs. These serve the whole venue, so will get busy during the intermission.

An accessible restroom is located on this level.

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