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    The Balcony is the smallest and highest section in the Longacre Theatre, with 249 seats split across the Left, Right and Center. There are up to seven rows of seats on a fair rake, although in the back rows patrons may find those sitting in front block the view a bit.

    The best views from the Balcony are in the front rows of the Center Balcony, where the stage is directly below. Although distant and therefore less desirable for details, these rows offer a clear and complete look at productions. This is especially effective for musicals, where ensemble choreography can be appreciated.

    Views and sound quality in the Longacre Theatre Balcony become more partial and restricted in seats towards the back and far sides, and legroom is similarly more limited here. Aisle seats are, as usual, the best option for extra legroom, but patrons should be aware that four thin pillars are located between rows B and C at the edge of the Center Balcony. These affect views at most angles behind them, but patrons can usually lean around them to improve their sightline.

    There are a couple of transfer seats in the Balcony, although patrons should be cautious before booking because of the height and stairs up to the section.

    Left Balcony

    The Left Balcony is a section of six rows with even-numbered seats beginning at 2 on the inside and extending to 28. The rake in this section is good, but there are a number of structural features which can affect the view. In the back rows, the curve of the Balcony itself cuts off part of the bottom of the stage; conversely, the shorter theatregoers may have to lean up or over the safety bar in front of row A to get a clear view. There are also thin pillars which bisect sightlines, for example in seat F18. These pillars are located between rows B and C on the inner aisle, but can be leant around quite easily. Despite these obstructions, there are good opportunities for distant but comprehensive views on a budget. The best legroom is on the aisle in seats such as A2 or D2.

    Right Balcony

    The Right Balcony has six rows of odd-numbered seats escalating from 1 on the inside aisle to 27 on the far side and corner. Like the Left Balcony, this section offers some of the most distant views at the cheapest prices in the Longacre Theatre. Seats in rows A and B, especially those in the single digits, are decent budget options with clear sightlines. Some patrons may find the safety bar in row A cuts into the stage, but this can be worked around. Towards the sides and back rows, there are more restrictions including thin pillars vertically dividing sightlines on lower-numbered seats, and the Balcony curve covers parts of the front of the stage if you’re sitting in double-digit seats. The best legroom is on either aisle, although the outside is more partial view with an angled perspective of the stage.

    Center Balcony

    The Center Balcony sits between the Left and Right sections, and faces more directly above the stage. It contains eight rows of seats ranging from 101 up to 114. The back three rows are split, with seats from 114-111 and 104-101. Four thin pillars are located between rows B and C on either aisle, which can bisect views of the stage in seats such as E102; however, they aren’t thick enough to completely obscure the action below. The best and priciest seats are in rows A and B, where patrons can enjoy a clear aerial view of the set and performances, although detail is not as clear from this height. Legroom is best on either aisle, and both are equally good options with similar views.

    SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

    Rows A and B of the Center Balcony are the best views in this high and more distant section. Patrons can avoid the obstructions in other areas and enjoy an overhead view. Despite losing details, it’s a good option for anyone on a budget.

    Best legroom seats

    Legroom in the Balcony can be very tight for tall patrons. Seats such as D1, B114 or A101 are all on the inside aisles, so patrons don’t have to compromise their view for a more comfortable position.


    • Four thin structural poles are on the aisles between rows B and C
    • The best views are from rows A and B of the Center Balcony
    • The rake is good, but patrons leaning in front might block the stage
    • Restrooms are all the way down in the basement; lines will be long when you get there
    • The back rows and sides are more obstructed than the center
    • The sound quality may be inferior at the back of the Balcony


    Prices for Balcony seats start at around the same bracket as the middle-rear Mezzanine and far side Orchestra, making seats on the front rows a good bargain. Towards the back and sides, prices decrease, and the cheapest seats in the Longacre Theatre are in the far corners.


    There is an accessible bar located on the theater’s top floor, which can be reached by stairs or by elevator.


    Restrooms are located one floor (20 steps) below the Orchestra. A wheelchair accessible restroom is above the Balcony, and can be reached using the elevator. Some wheelchairs may not fit the size limits of the elevator, so it’s best to check in advance.

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