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Longacre Theatre
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Longacre Theatre Capacity

The Longacre Theatre New York has a capacity of 1069 seats. Section capacities are 501 Orchestra, 320 Mezzanine and 248 Balcony. Use our interactive seating chart to view 426 seat reviews and 405 photos of views from seat.

Seating at the Longacre Theatre is split across three levels, with the largest number in the Orchestra. The Orchestra splits into Left, Right and Center, with views best in the middle, a few rows back. The Center Mezzanine is perfect for patrons wanting an elevated view, whilst the Balcony is more distant and safety bars, height and thin pillars can affect sightlines. Boxes are available for side-on, intimate seating, and across all levels seats further to the sides become more obstructed.

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Longacre Theatre Seating Chart

Good value seats

There are a couple of options for good value seating at the Longacre Theatre. Rows L-N in the Center Orchestra are cheaper than premium. From here, patrons can still take in the details of a play and don’t have to look up at the stage. The middle rows in the Center Mezzanine are also a good value option for elevated sightlines that don’t feel distant.

Premium seats

The best, premium seats are across rows D-L of the Center Mezzanine. Views across this range are clear, intimate and detailed – perfect for admiring subtle acting. In the Mezzanine, rows A and B of the Center are equally sought after, with a price to reflect their desirable elevated position.

Recent Audience Seat View Photos

Mezzanine E111

Longacre Theatre Mezzanine E111 view from seat photo
All the seats here have not a lot of legroom. These are better than row A but not as good as orchestra seats. Can’t see the v... More
Lempicka on Broadway
Saw Lempicka on Broadway on 16 May 2024

Balcony A111

Longacre Theatre Balcony A111 view from seat photo
The seats are a little snug but decent room for your knees behind the wall. There is a railing in front of you but if you lea... More
Lempicka on Broadway
Saw Lempicka on Broadway on 08 May 2024

Orchestra E13

Longacre Theatre Orchestra E13 view from seat photo
Not a bad seat for a reduced priced obstructed view ticket, but you definitely miss a bit of the action stage left. There is... More
Lempicka on Broadway
Saw Lempicka on Broadway on 03 May 2024

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