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    The Mezzanine is an elevated section above the Orchestra, with 304 seats spread across Left, Right and Center. It is not too high, so patrons in the front rows can expect to have a gentler, more head-on view of the stage. The Balcony overhang starts at row B, so there may be some minor obstruction at the top of the stage past here.

    Sightlines from front to back are good on the whole, particularly in rows A-C of the Center Mezzanine. These seats are the most expensive in the section and are popular for their comfortable overviews of the stage. Legroom can vary, and the safest bet for extra space is on the inside aisles.

    As seats move towards the far sides in the Left and Right Mezzanine, views tend to become more obstructed by surrounding features such as the Boxes, and the angle towards the stage. In the back rows, the rake may also be slightly too shallow if a taller patron is sitting in front.

    There are four transfer seats in the Mezzanine, located in the middle rows, however patrons should be aware that they are only accessible by stairs. The section may not be suitable for anyone with very limited mobility, therefore.

    Left Mezzanine

    The Left Mezzanine comprises eight rows of seats running even-numbered from 2 up to 28 on the outside. Extra legroom is best on aisles, although double-digit seats will be offset by partial views of the left-hand side and corner of the stage. Seats such as A22 will be affected by this, and other obstructions from the Left Boxes and speakers attached to the side of the stage will also cut into sightlines a little. The best and most expensive seats are in rows A-C, in particular single-digit options. These seats have a clearer, more direct view of the stage than anywhere else in the Left Mezzanine. The cheapest seats are in the back row and far corners, where the performance is more distant and the rake isn’t steep enough to overcome tall patrons sitting in front.

    Right Mezzanine

    Right Mezzanine seating mirrors the Left Mezzanine’s layout, with eight rows running odd-numbered from 1 to 27. Sightlines can be impressively wide and sweeping, although double-digit seats towards the far aisle are more restricted by both angle and structural factors such as the Right Boxes. The rake isn’t as steep as some theaters, so patrons may find people sitting or leaning forward in front block the view at times. Legroom is a bit tight, and inside aisle seats such as D1 are the best options for extra space. Seats at the far sides and back of the Right Mezzanine are cheaper than those towards the front and inside, where views are at their most central and expansive, and details are clearer. Seats in rows A-C are the most expensive, thanks to their elevated view over the Orchestra.

    Center Mezzanine

    The Center Mezzanine is the most desirable section on this level, with nine rows of seats that run continuously right to left from 114-101. Views from this section are panoramic and elevated directly in front of the stage, and the front rows A-C are especially good for watching performances at an attractive distance. These seats are also the most expensive in the section, which gradually becomes cheaper the further back you sit. Rows can be tight for taller patrons, with the best options for legroom on either aisle. In the very back rows, the rake may not overcome obstructions from tall patrons sitting in front. However, seats in the middle few rows are a price bracket lower than the front, and they represent a great combination of sweeping views and value for money.

    SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

    Rows A-C of the Center Mezzanine offer excellent elevated views of the stage which some patrons favor over the Center Orchestra. From here, you can enjoy a more distant view that covers the whole performance, so you don’t have to keep moving your head around too much.

    Best legroom seats

    Legroom can be a bit tight in the Longacre Theatre Mezzanine, with the best options on aisle seats. To avoid the more restricted far edges, seats such as D1, B114 or C2 are good central options with extra legroom.


    • The Balcony overhang begins at row B
    • Legroom is better on aisle seats; inside aisles combine extra space with more central views
    • Seats on the far sides are more restricted; sides and corners of the stage are cut off
    • Rows A-C in the Center Mezzanine are sometimes favored over the Orchestra
    • Restrooms are one floor below the Orchestra; be quick during the intermission to beat the long queues


    The Mezzanine starts at around the same price as seats in the middle and back rows of the Orchestra, to reflect the impressive elevated views from the front rows. The back three rows and extreme sides of the Left and Right Orchestra are the cheapest options in this section.


    Exercise prudence when purchasing drinks, as they are notoriously expensive.


    Restrooms are located one floor below the Orchestra, down 20 steps. A wheelchair accessible restroom is above the Balcony, and can be reached using the elevator. Some wheelchairs may not fit the size limits of the elevator, so it’s best to check in advance.

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