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Mezzanine Guide

The Mezzanine is slightly smaller than the Orchestra, with around 455 seats arranged into Left, Right and Center. Each is flanked by aisles running from row A at the front to row L at the rear. Located one floor up from the Orchestra (38 steps), there are four transfer seats available in the Mezzanine.

Like the Orchestra, the Mezzanine’s main advantage is its smaller size, which means the back rows don’t feel distant or lose a lot of detail. There are some specific areas to avoid where possible, such as the far sides of rows A and B; the Boxes jut out to block parts of the stage from here. Any double-digit seat will have a more partial view of the stage as well.

However, the overall quality of sightlines in the Mezzanine is very high, with a good rake to keep views clear further back. Taller patrons will find tight seats in this section, so where possible it is best to book an aisle seat with room to stretch out. The Music Box Theatre Mezzanine is very good value for money, with the priciest seats in the panoramic yet detailed front rows. Seats at the rear are the lowest in the Music Box Theatre.

Left Mezzanine

There are 11 rows in the Left Mezzanine, with odd-numbered seating escalating from 1-27 on the far aisle. Sightlines are better than average thanks to the cozy theater size, but seats A25-27 and B25-27 are obstructed by the Boxes jutting out. After row G, the rake and height should clear the Boxes from this angle. The best views are in rows A and B, towards the inside aisle. These seats are direct and central, whereas double-digit seats afford partial views of the left-hand side of the stage. Legroom in the Left Mezzanine can be tight, so an inside aisle seat is the best option for more space. Prices are highest on the front rows and inside aisle, with some of the cheapest seats in the house at the rear of the section.

Right Mezzanine

The Right Mezzanine comprises 11 rows from A-L, with even-numbered seats beginning at 2 and reaching 28 on the far aisle. Some seats are obstructed by the Boxes sticking out into part of the stage, such as A26-28 and B26-28. Patrons are elevated above this obstruction by row G, but all double-digit seats are angled enough to block the far side and corner of stage left (patron’s right). The best views in this section are from single-digit seats across rows A and B, which are closer and more head-on to the stage. In the Right Mezzanine, the aisles provide extra legroom; the inside aisle is best for keeping a central view. Seats in the front rows and lower numbers cost more than the back rows, which can be good value with decent sight lines.

Center Mezzanine

The Center Mezzanine faces directly above the stage, with 11 rows (A-L) moving from seat 101 on the right to 114 on the left. The best seats are in rows A and B, which are incredibly close to the stage and provide elevated sightlines. Rows up to G are also excellent, and the rear of the section never feels too far removed from the action. There may be some slight obstructions in the Center Mezzanine, such as the lighting rig which juts out in front of A105-101, or limited legroom mid-row; but on the whole, this is a very good value section from front to back. Premium seats are in the front rows up to G, and in the back half prices are about the same as single-digit Left and Right Mezzanine seats.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Rows A and B of the Center Mezzanine are excellent, and arguably better than the Orchestra. The small auditorium and overhang at row J mean seats here feel incredibly close to the stage, and patrons can enjoy subtle acting combined with an elevated view of the set.

Best legroom seats

Legroom becomes tight in the Mezzanine, and the aisles are safe options for a bit of extra room. Although views are good across the section, inside aisle seats have the best sightlines.


• The best views are in rows A and B of the Center Mezzanine
• Back rows represent value for money with impressive sight lines
• Boxes restrict views from seats 25-28 in rows A and B (Left and Right Mezzanine)
• The bar is down two levels (Lower Lobby) and fills up quickly during the intermission


The Mezzanine is the cheaper section in the Music Box Theatre, with top prices in the Center Mezzanine starting on a level with seats at the back and sides of the Orchestra. The Mezzanine has lots of opportunity for good value deals and theatergoers on a budget - the cheapest seats in the back rows have clear, detailed and generally unobstructed sight lines.


There is a bar in the lower lobby (one floor down from the Orchestra)


There are restrooms available on the Mezzanine level. Be aware that queues become long during intermissions.

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