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Orchestra Guide

The Orchestra is the largest and most expensive section in the Music Box Theatre. Around 538 seats are split by aisles into the Left, Right and Center Orchestra, and a further 16 Box seats are elevated on either side. 16 standing spaces are sometimes available at the rear of the section.

Like most venues, double-digit seats at the far sides are partial view and angled, and the Mezzanine overhang at row J affects visibility at the very top of the stage in row P. The best seats for both comfort and clear, detailed sightlines are a little further back in the Center Orchestra - patrons should be aware that the stage is quite high, so row A (or AA in the Center) is known for awkward neck craning. However, Orchestra seating generally benefits from the Music Box Theatre’s intimate size, and patrons can feel confident that even seats in the back rows feel involved and detailed. Prices start high in the Center Orchestra, and begin to drop towards the back and sides of the section.

The Orchestra is step-free and wheelchair spaces are located in the back half. There are also a handful of transfer seats and allocated companion seats available.

Left Orchestra

The Left Orchestra contains 15 rows (A-P) and at their longest seats escalate odd-numbered from 1-27. The lower end of rows E-L offer great views which aren’t too close to the stage. Conversely, rows A and B are below the stage, so patrons have to look up for prolonged periods and miss some action further back. Double-digit seats are more partial view, and the angle is amplified by proximity in the front rows. Rows N-P feel close and detailed in this small auditorium, although the Mezzanine overhang cuts into view slightly in row P. The best legroom is on the inside aisles. Prices are higher towards the front and inside, with cheaper seats near the back corner. Boxes elevated to the side of the Left Orchestra are good for privacy, but views of the stage are angled.

Right Orchestra

The Right Orchestra’s 15 rows of seats extend evenly from 2 as far as 28, with single-digit seats between rows E and L offering the best views. Seats above 16 are more angled, with no sightline to the far left-hand side of the stage. Rows A and B are lower than the stage, so patrons sitting here will be looking up at the actors more, and angled sightlines are also intensified by proximity to the stage. The back rows, N-P, aren’t too distant in the Right Orchestra, although the Mezzanine overhang obstructs the top of the stage at times. The best legroom is on the inside aisles. Prices are higher towards the front and inside, and cheaper near the back corner. Boxes elevated to the side of the Right Orchestra are available, but sightlines are side-on to the stage.

Center Orchestra

The Center Orchestra comprises 16 rows of seats running from 101-114 right to left. Views across this section are impressive thanks to the intimate size of the venue, and the overhang only affects the very top of the stage at row P. There is just enough rake to keep most sightlines free of the person in front’s head, and legroom is best on either aisle. The main obstructions are in front row AA, which is below the very high stage and will necessitate neck craning to watch performers. These seats may be marked partial view and are sometimes a bit cheaper. Prices in the back rows are similarly slightly lower. The best views are from the premium rows E-L, which are a comfortable distance for viewing the whole set at once.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Rows E-L in the Center Orchestra are perfect; unlike the front few rows, there’s no chance of neck craning to look up at the high stage, and patrons can appreciate the full set whilst still being treated to lots of detail and nuance.

Best legroom seats

Patrons needing a bit more legroom in the Music Box Theatre should book an aisle seat. Because the theater is more intimate, back rows are a good option, but far-side aisle seats will have more partial, angled views of the stage.


• The Mezzanine overhang kicks in above row J
• The best views are from rows E-L in the Center Orchestra
• Row AA is below the stage and sometimes marked partial view
• Good value seats can be found in rows M-O
• Wheelchair spaces are in rows J, N and L


Orchestra seats are the most expensive in the Music Box Theatre, with the priciest seats in rows B-L. The front row is usually cheaper and marked as partial view. Because the auditorium is small, the slightly cheaper back rows are examples of good value seats in the Music Box Theatre. Where seats are more partial view on the sides of the Orchestra, patrons will find tickets cost a bit less.


There is a bar on Orchestra level. Be aware that drinks can be expensive.


A wheelchair accessible restroom is available on Orchestra level. Other restrooms can be found on this floor, and if queues are long, patrons can try their luck at the restrooms in the lower lounge and on Mezzanine level.

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