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    The Stalls is the largest seating section, divided by a central aisle which runs the full length of the auditorium. Rows become wider towards the rear of the section, with 34 seats per row at the back.

    The Circle overhang does not obstruct the view, even at the rear of the Stalls. The section is well-raked and allows good sight-lines from all areas. Rows curve towards the end, causing the seats at the ends of rows to have restricted views, which may not be reflected in the price of tickets.

    The best seats are located in the centre of the Stalls, which also offer good legroom and comfortable seats. Booster seats are available free of charge for Matilda.


    The Stalls bar is located 22 steps down, with movable seating in the bar area. An at-seat service is available for access patrons.


    Women’s and Men’s toilets are located at the back of the Stalls. An adapted unisex toilet can be found in the Stalls corridor.

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