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The Dress Circle is 32 steps below street level and provides the best overall views of the stage. This section is long and narrow, with only six and a half rows of seats. The section curves around in a horseshoe shape, meaning seats at the ends of rows are severely angled when facing the stage. Three support pillars obstruct the view of some seats.

This section is well-raked, with the best seats in Row A and B, as these are close to the stage with no obstructions. Seats at the ends of Row C and onward should be avoided as they are restricted and do not directly face the stage. These seats are often discounted. The overhang of the Upper Circle begins in Row C, curving into a shallow horseshoe shape.


The Greene Bar (Dress Circle) must be reached via stairs, however staff may bring drinks into the auditorium on behalf of customers.


Men’s and Women’s toilets are situated on the far side of the auditorium between the Stalls level and Dress Circle level.