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Stalls Guide

The Stalls are located below ground level and are an unusual shape, with support pillars dotted throughout. This section is one block of seats without an aisle. Rows are narrow and straight, offering head-on views which can cause seats at the ends of rows to be restricted view. The Stalls are not raked, which means that audience members in front may obstruct the view.

Pillars appear in Row J, M and N, which affect the views in rows L-S, which is reflected in the price of tickets. Seats P8-P16 are unrestricted but feel very distant from the stage. The most affected seats are located at the rear in rows M-S, seats 18-24. These seats are separated by pillars and feel very far away from the stage.

The Dress Circle overhang begins at Row H, but curves into a horseshoe shape at Row M. Not much of the action is missed because of this. Legroom is quite restricted throughout the Stalls.


The Stalls Bar is accessible via stairs, however staff are able to bring drinks to access patrons who are unable to reach the bars.


Men’s and Women’s toilets can be found on the far side of the auditorium between the Stalls level and Dress Circle level.

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