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Criterion Theatre Capacity

The Criterion Theatre London has a capacity of 585 seats. Section capacities are 361 Stalls, 159 Dress Circle and 65 Upper Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 3088 seat reviews and 2420 photos of views from seat.

The auditorium is fairly intimate and offers good views throughout, with all seats feeling close to the stage. Support pillars are dotted throughout the sections, which can cause obstructions in the Stalls and Dress Circle. Seats affected are sold as restricted view.

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Criterion Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

Because of the number of pillars in the venue, some seats are severely discounted, which can occasionally provide decent value for money. Alternatively, sitting in the front row of the Upper Circle is an excellent choice. Sit in seats towards the ends of the rows for a superb view of the stage on a hugely discounted price.

Premium seats

Premium seats are located in the front row of the Dress Circle in seats 12-21, with central Stalls seating also being excellent. These seats provide the best overall views of the stage and feel incredibly close to the action.

Recent Audience Photos

Dress Circle D12

leepeddie 5' 9", 207 reviews, 3 helpful votes

Although this is the circle, it has a good rake so no heads in the way. Very comfortable and with an excellent view of the whole of the stage. There is a slim pillar to the left which doesn’t interfere with the view of the stage. I highly recommen... More

Saw Derren Brown's Unbelievable Derren Brown's Unbelievable on 09 November 2023

Dress Circle A27

rochellebalboa 5' 9", 284 reviews, 29 helpful votes

This is one of the best restricted view seats. The bar is in view but only just and it's very easy to look around it without even leaning much. You feel really close to the stage here and the legroom is quite generous for a front row of a circle.... More

Saw Derren Brown's Unbelievable Derren Brown's Unbelievable on 01 November 2023

Dress Circle A26

nickjhthommo 5' 10", 13 reviews

This is a very good seat, full view of the stage, comfortable, and with decent leg room! Pair it with the aisle seat next to it to save money as that one is often sold as “restricted” despite no issues. More

Saw Derren Brown's Unbelievable Derren Brown's Unbelievable on 01 November 2023

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