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Gielgud Theatre Capacity

The Gielgud Theatre has a capacity of 974 seats. Section capacities are 507 Stalls, 220 Dress Circle and 247 Grand Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 3953 seat reviews and 2560 photos of views from seat.

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Gielgud Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

Due to the shape of the Dress Circle, a number of seats are restricted view, particularly towards the ends of rows A and B. These seats face the stage at an angle, but provide an intimate view of the action. Alternatively, sit in the Grand Circle for a bargain!

Premium seats

The best seats are located towards the mid-rear of the Stalls, just underneath the Dress Circle overhang. Seats towards the front of the theatre may miss some of the action on stage, due to the height of the stage. Sit in rows N-P for the best overall views.

Recommended Box Seats

Upgrade your experience by booking one of the Gielgud Theatre box seats on your next visit to watch the show with added privacy. Located at the rear of the Dress Circle, the theatre has three boxes, all of which boast a private entrance away from the crowds in the rest of the auditorium and quick access to both the toilets and bar in the interval.

Box F is a large, spacious box with two rows of seats – 6 in the front row and a further 4 seats on a raised platform behind them. It is recommended to book seats in the front row, which include an uninterrupted view of the stage, which one SeatPlan user who sat in Box F Seat 10 described as “exceptional for the price”.

Alternatively, Box E and Box G are situated on either side of Box F and contain 4 seats each. The view is clear and unobstructed and SeatPlan users have complimented the value and overall comfort of experiencing the show from a private box. The boxes in the Gielgud Theatre are a great value way to make your next visit unique and memorable.

Recent Audience Photos

Dress Circle B23

Oatsie 5 reviews

Excellent and clear view of the stage. Felt fully immersed. Leg room a little limited due to seat in front, so may impact if you're tall. No problem for me fortunately. Would definitely sit here again. More

Saw To Kill A Mockingbird To Kill A Mockingbird on 17 May 2023

Stalls R16

ryansouch 6' 4", 353 reviews, 7 helpful votes

Brilliantly central seat - legroom is good actually, and the seats are staggered so that every row is between each seat. Quite low seats, but otherwise alright. Feels a little bit far back but you can stil see everything including facial expressions. More

Saw To Kill A Mockingbird To Kill A Mockingbird on 24 April 2023

Stalls H2

stevesherwin 6' 1", 132 reviews, 3 helpful votes

Even though this is the first seat and therefore off to the side I didn’t feel like my view was restricted - this us sold as a restricted view. For the performance I saw I didn’t feel like anything had been lost. You also benefit from excellent le... More

Saw To Kill A Mockingbird To Kill A Mockingbird on 22 April 2023

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