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Gielgud Theatre Capacity

The Gielgud Theatre London has a capacity of 982 seats. Section capacities are 511 Stalls, 224 Dress Circle and 247 Grand Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 4689 seat reviews and 3267 photos of views from seat.

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Gielgud Theatre Seating Plan

Good value seats

Due to the shape of the Dress Circle, a number of seats are restricted view, particularly towards the ends of rows A and B. These seats face the stage at an angle, but provide an intimate view of the action. Alternatively, sit in the Grand Circle for a bargain!

Premium seats

The best seats are located towards the mid-rear of the Stalls, just underneath the Dress Circle overhang. Seats towards the front of the theatre may miss some of the action on stage, due to the height of the stage. Sit in rows N-P for the best overall views.

Recommended Box Seats

Upgrade your experience by booking one of the Gielgud Theatre box seats on your next visit to watch the show with added privacy. Located at the rear of the Dress Circle, the theatre has three boxes, all of which boast a private entrance away from the crowds in the rest of the auditorium and quick access to both the toilets and bar in the interval.

Box F is a large, spacious box with two rows of seats – 6 in the front row and a further 4 seats on a raised platform behind them. It is recommended to book seats in the front row, which include an uninterrupted view of the stage, which one SeatPlan user who sat in Box F Seat 10 described as “exceptional for the price”.

Alternatively, Box E and Box G are situated on either side of Box F and contain 4 seats each. The view is clear and unobstructed and SeatPlan users have complimented the value and overall comfort of experiencing the show from a private box. The boxes in the Gielgud Theatre are a great value way to make your next visit unique and memorable.

Recent Audience Photos

Grand Circle B6

lyndseyG77 5' 5", 79 reviews

Good view for the price, the ledge does cut off the bottom right corner of the stage but for this production it doesn't matter. However if the people in front of you lean forward it does block the view somewhat. More

Saw Stephen Sondheim’s Old Friends Stephen Sondheim’s Old Friends on 24 November 2023

Dress Circle H15

deborahm35 7 reviews, 1 helpful vote

Plenty of legroom, comfortable seat and right in the centre of the stage the view was great. Unfortunately a very tall man sat in front and obscured my view of just right of centre stage-potluck. It didn’t matter for the show we saw More

Saw Stephen Sondheim’s Old Friends Stephen Sondheim’s Old Friends on 23 November 2023

Dress Circle BoxG12

anneh69 1 reviews

A good view because you are separated from the seats in front but it is at the back of the dress circle. My friend had to move to a (luckily) vacant seat because her view was slightly obstructed by the tall person in front, (although that happens... More

Saw Stephen Sondheim’s Old Friends Stephen Sondheim’s Old Friends on 22 November 2023

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