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The Stalls is one large block of seating with an optional 'Standing' row located at the rear. Due to the height of the stage, the first few rows may miss some of the action. The best views can be found in the centre of the rows, in the mid-rear of the seating before the Dress Circle overhang begins.

Rows become wider towards the rear of the Stalls, with some seats falling just outside of the proscenium arch. At times, this can cause some slight restrictions to seats at the ends of rows, despite a good rake.

The Dress Circle overhang is very low and affects sight-lines from Row M, cutting off the top of the stage. Cheaper seats can be found in the rear four rows, but should be avoided where possible. Seats are comfortable in this section.


The Stalls Bar can be accessed by 4 steps down from the rear of the Stalls. This bar includes fixed seating.


Men’s and Women’s toilets are available at the Stalls level.