Queen's Theatre
51 Shaftesbury Avenue
London, W1D 6BA
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Opened: 03 Apr 2004
Booking from: 23 Sep 2017
Booking until: 03 Mar 2018
Duration: 3 hours

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  • mwestlake96 5"7 5 reviews 1 helpful vote
    100% total rating Les Misérables, 9th July 2016
    Les Miserable was incredible. It is such a classic show and lived up to expectations. As a huge fan of musical theatre I had always been ashamed that I had never seen Les Miserables in London and it did not disappoint. The set was amazing (especially the barricade) and it had a turning floor which was used for scene changes, which I thought was a really creative and innovative idea and it worked really well. Every single cast member (including understudies) were so talented and the singing especially blew me away. The whole house was in tears at the last note of Do You Hear the People Sing at the end of the show. A well deserved standing ovation. Well done to the casting director. I would recommend this show to anyone who has even the slightest love if musical theatre. There were a few children in the audience who I believed were really impacted by this show. The show is almost 3 hours long so if you planned in bringing children take that into account. 5* show!!!
    I had a perfect view of the whole stage. You could see every area of the stage and the top of the barricade was not cut off but this is okay if you lean forward quite a bit. If you sit back comfortably then you will only see the back quarter of the stage. I regularly found myself with my elbows on the half wall in front of me. As a young adult, this position really put a strain on my neck and killed my back so I can't imagine how bad it would be for the older generation. The leg room was fine but because of the leaned over position I was in, it was difficult to hold my feet comfortably and they went numb a few times. I was lucky enough to have an empty seat next to me so I could put my bag out of the way next to me. As I was on the edge of my seat I was a little worried that my seat was going to break on me but it held out. I would definitely recommend this seat for the incredible view as long as you're okay with the uncomfortable position you'll be sitting in. Not recommended for those with neck/back problems.
    AA11 Upper Circle - Queen's Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Upper Circle AA11
  • Showgal 5"6" female 5 reviews 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating Les Misérables, 6th September 2017
    Very enjoyable show. It's not difficult to see why Les Miserables has been playing for so many years and still attracts packed audiences. Many well known songs sung beautifully and a good mix of light and shade in such a dramatic time in history. I'd be happy to see it again.
    This seat is listed as "Restricted View" and, therefore, reduced in price to the other seats in the front row of the Dress Circle. As the photo shows the safety rail is quite prominent and, upon arrival, I was very concerned that my view would be hugely compromised. The photo was taken sitting back comfortably in the seat. It's the end of the row and there's no seat directly behind so you are able to move around a bit without worrying too much about spoiling someone else's view. I'm 5' 6" tall and found it difficult to see the show as well as I'd hoped. However, someone taller would probably have a better view looking over the rail. Throughout Les Miserables I found myself looking between the two rails (rather like looking through a letter box) and, by doing this, I was able to get a reasonable view of almost all the stage. Due to Les Mis being so engrossing I can't honestly say the restricted view ruined the show for me but it did spoil it somewhat and, if I revisited, I wouldn't choose this seat again. Leg room is OK but not the best and I was glad to be able to stand up and walk around during the interval. However, many people were doing this so I believe it might be the same where ever you sit. The show is 3 hours long so this probably adds to the need to stretch your legs. To summarize; the price of this seat is lower for a reason and, if you don't mind - or can overcome - the problem seeing over, under or through the safety rail, this seat is a less expensive way of seeing Les Mis from the Dress Circle but don't expect a completely clear view of the stage.
    A8 Dress Circle - Queen's Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Dress Circle A8
  • Anonymous User 4473 reviews 561 helpful votes
    100% total rating Les Misérables
    The show itself is brilliant - an amazing musical, emotionally charged, extremely well performed and highly recommended. Seats at the back of the stalls are really not a good idea though because you miss quite a lot of the set - the barricade is the main part of the set and you can't see the top of it, plus it feels as though you are watching a performance from within a tunnel - my photo will show you why, and that certainly caused me to feel disconnected to the show. I've seen it 4 times and the worst seats have been back of stalls. Best advice - pay a little extra money and book seats towards the front of the stalls - up to about row M. They'll be fantastic.
    Sat in Stalls U20
    I found this seat very uncomfortable and think anyone over 5'8" will. The seat in front is not lined up directly, and consequently there is a hinge on the seat that connects with your knee if your legs are long enough that your knees are touching that seat. Mine ended up bruised. My back ended up aching a lot, probably because my body was so tense trying to get comfortable. The view from here is really not good at all - you miss quite a lot of the set - the barricade is the main part of the set and you can't see the top of it, plus it feels as though you are watching a performance from within a tunnel - my photo will show you why, and that certainly caused me to feel disconnected from the show. I've seen it 4 times and this resulted in a completely different experience than when I have sat front of stalls. Best advice - pay a little extra money and book seats towards the front of the stalls - up to about row M. They'll be fantastic. If you are only interested in going for the music and you are shorter than 5'8" or taller than that but very skinny, you'll be ok. If you are 6' or more and have anything other than a small frame, avoid these seats.
    U20 Stalls - Queen's Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls U20
  • surjsingh 1 review 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating Les Misérables, 26th July 2017
    The show was superb, absolutely loved it. I did not realise the entire production was in song. I thought it was acted with musical/sung parts. The cast's skill in singing throughout and the beauty and power of some of the songs performed was brilliant to see. I did feel 2 voices, from fairly prominent roles, did not quite lift above the musical score being played. However, I can't recommend this highly enough, a great day out in London. I am very happy Les Misérables is my first theatre watch in 10 years. Amazing sets, great cast and sublime performances.
    Sat in Stalls B10
    Excellent view of the stage, myself and two other friends had seats B10, B11, B12 and we were extremely close to the action. Being the second row back from the stage, you look ever so slightly upwards as smoke passes your eyes, flags waft above your head, the cast's every expression being clearly visible. I'm over 6 feet tall and had good leg room, more then in a plane. Unfortunately, the seats are not comfortable. After 20 min I started fidgeting and up and down the row I noticed many people moving about. Just no comfortable way to sit, the padding seems solid but fidgeting started very early on.
    B10 Stalls - Queen's Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls B10
The middle of the Stalls and the front of the Dress Circle are best for those who would like clear and unhindered views of the famous barricade.
Queen's Theatre, London interactive seating plan & seat reviews
Alain Boubil and Claude-Michel Shönberg’s multi Tony and Olivier Award winning production is officially the longest running musical in the world.

Les Misérables is adapted for the stage from Victor Hugo’s novel of the same name. Directed by Trevor Nunn, the show is considered to be one of the best ever written and has been performed across the globe to millions of audience members.

The show is set in France across a period of several decades, primarily focusing on the life and struggle of former convict, Jean Valjean. Having been imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread, Valjean is finally released on parole. Unfortunately he discovers that his past muddies his future potential and choses a life on the run from his former identity.

Some years later, Valjean makes good and becomes the Mayor of Montreuil-sur-Mer. His prosperous years seem about to falter once again as he takes in the stray child of a prostitute, only to capture the attention of the very police officer who has been searching for him since he skipped his parole 8 years back.

Les Misérables is widely praised for its fantastic music and delights the audience with memorable numbers such as “At the End of The Day,” “I Dreamed a Dream,” “Do You Hear The People Sing,” “One Day More” and “Bring Him Home.”

Les Misérables is currently running at the Queens Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue and still remains one of the most sought after theatre tickets in town.
Those who love a classic musical filled with rousing show numbers will love this production. The storyline is quite complex, so not ideal for young children who would struggle to keep up.

Age Recommendations: Recommended for children 7+