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Les Misérables Tickets

Hear the people sing in the world's longest-running musical, which has been in the West End since 1985.

Dream the dream with Les Mis tickets

Les Misérables is the world’s longest-running musical, seen by over 120 million people globally. It flies its flag over London at the Sondheim Theatre.

The current production of Boublil and Schönberg’s classic has been hailed as ‘Les Mis for the 21st Century’ with new sets, costumes and video design. Its heart-wrenching, life-affirming story of redemption and revolution makes it one of the best musicals in the West End.

The show follows former convict Jean Valjean, who spent 19 years in jail for stealing a loaf of bread. Revolution is in the air in France as Valjean breaks his parole to start a new life, while the merciless police inspector Javert hunts him down.

Adapted from French author Victor Hugo’s novel, there are many iconic songs in the Les Misérables musical including “One Day More”, “I Dreamed a Dream” and “Bring Him Home”.

Les Misérables tickets are some of the hottest in London, and this award-winning musical continues to rouse audiences to their feet for a storming ovation night after night.

What is Les Misérables about?

Based on the novel of the same name by Victor Hugo, Les Misérables tells an epic story that covers almost two decades. Starting in a remote area of France in 1815, chain-gang convict Jean Valjean is granted parole by staunchly law-abiding prison guard Javert. Finding that nobody will treat him fairly as a convict, Valjean steals some precious silverware from a bishop who gives him shelter. When he is caught by police, the bishop tells them that the silverware was a gift and Valjean is free to go. The bishop tells him to take this gift and live a good life devoted to God.

Years later Valjean has become a successful factory owner and mayor. When single mother Fantine is harassed into leaving the factory, she is forced into prostitution, leaving her daughter Cosette in the keeping of the greedy and cunning innkeeper couple the Thénardiers. Valjean finds the child and takes her into his care. More years pass and Valjean and Cossette find themselves in the wake of rising trouble as the 1832 Paris Uprising is about to commence. Meanwhile the vengeful Javert still hunts Valjean’s every move and wishes to see him back in chains.

Who wrote Les Misérables?

Claude-Michel Schönberg wrote the music and co-wrote the book with Alain Boublil. Boublil also co-wrote the original French lyrics with Jean-Marc Natel. Herbert Kretzmer adapted the lyrics for the English-language production.

The musical is based on the 1862 novel by Victor Hugo, which is widely considered to be one of the greatest works of 19th century literature.

When did Les Misérables open in London?

The London production, which was the first English-language version of the musical, first opened on 8th October 1985 at the Barbican Centre. The show transferred to the Palace Theatre later that year and in 2004 moved to the Queen’s Theatre, now called the Sondheim Theatre. It is the longest-running musical West End history and the 2nd longest-running show after The Mousetrap. It closed only briefly in 2019 while the Sondheim Theatre was refurbished but an All-Star Concert version played at the Gielgud Theatre during this time. The production re-opened with updated staging in December 2019.

How long is Les Miserables and what time does it finish?

The running time is 2 hours and 50 minutes with an interval.

Evening performances that start at 7.30 should finish near 10.20pm. 2.30pm matinee performances should finish around 5.20pm.

Who is in the Les Misérables London cast?

The 2023 London cast currently features Lucie Jones as Fantine, Josh Piterman as Jean Valjean, Stewart Clarke as Javert, Lulu-Mae Pears as Cosette, Robert Tripolino as Marius, Harry Chandler as Enjolras and Gerard Carey and Claire Machin as Monsieur and Madame Thénardier respectively.

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Les Miserables tickets

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Rated Excellent
Performance dates:
31 May 2023 - 02 Mar 2024
Running time:
2 hours 50 minutes (including interval)
Sondheim Theatre (See map)
Age recommendation:
Best for age 7+. Children under 5 not permitted. Please be advised that children under the age of 16 may be refused entry if they are not sitting next to an accompanying adult.

Best Seats

SeatPlan Recommends: Due to the curved nature of the auditorium, seats as close to the centre on all levels of the Sondheim Theatre offer the clearest, most uninterrupted views of Les Misérables. Choose seats in the Dress Circle to appreciate the full spectacle of the staging.

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Show Times

Monday - 7.30pm
Tuesday - 7.30pm
Wednesday - 7.30pm
Thursday 2.30pm 7.30pm
Friday - 7.30pm
Saturday 2.30pm 7.30pm
Sunday - -
How Long is Les Miserables?
Les Miserables running time is 2 hours and 50 minutes including an interval.
Matinee shows
Les Miserables matinee performances start at 2.30pm and finish at 5.20pm.
Evening shows
Les Miserables evening performances start at 7.30pm and finish at 10.20pm.

Tickets FAQ

Ticket prices typically range from around £24 up to £210, depending on date and availability.
The top price tickets can be up to £210 and are for seats in the centre Stalls, rows F-J and the front row of the Dress Circle. While the Dress Circle option will give you an incredible view of the entire production, legroom can be tight. For the best experience, aim for the middle of rows G or H in the Stalls. G13 has been described by one user as an “Absolutely incredible view! Definitely one of the best seats in the theatre.” Stalls H17 is a very popular seat, with one user saying “There is loads of legroom and the view from this seat was outstanding.”
Discount tickets are rare, which makes the show a very popular feature of seasonal offers such as London Theatre Week and Winter Sales. These are often the best times to book tickets as you will find selected Stalls and Dress Circle tickets at lower prices than any other time in the year. If you are looking for great value, book for a weeknight rather than the popular weekend performances, and try to find a hidden gem seat that offers a better view than expected. For example, Grand Circle E1 is sold as restricted view, with prices starting under £25, but only misses a tiny, mostly unused amount of the stage. Meanwhile, the very back of the Dress Circle may seem undesirable, but seats such as M15 and M16 have received 5-star View scores from SeatPlan users.
If you have any other questions that weren’t covered above, please email and we will do our best to help.
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