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The Lion King at Lyceum Theatre tickets
The Lion King at Lyceum Theatre tickets

The Lion King tickets from £35.40

Tickets from £35.40

Best Seats for The Lion King

Get Lion King tickets in the Stalls to get the very best view of the stunning animals of the Savannah as they make their way through the audience. Often seats towards the sides can give still excellent views, despite being a slightly cheaper ticket, due to their sideways nature.

Bucket list musical for theatre fans

Disney’s The Lion King is a spectacle like nothing else – exploding onto the stage in a mirage of vibrant colour, rhythm and life at the Lyceum Theatre.

Julie Taymor’s visionary adaptation of the classic Disney animated film was game-changing when it premiered in 1997. Fusing puppetry and design with traditional African dance, costume and song, this groundbreaking production brings every character to life.

The Lion King transports audiences to the plains of the Serengeti as the story charts Simba’s journey from a naive cub to fulfilling his destiny as King of the Pridelands.

The musical includes all of the classic songs from the film, written by Elton John and Tim Rice, including “Circle of Life”, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and “Hakuna Matata”.

This enduring musical has long reigned as one of the best London shows for kids and adults alike. Get The Lion King tickets for all the family to gasp in awe as the animals of Pride Rock swoop, prowl, roar and so much more in front of your eyes!

Important information

Playing at: Lyceum Theatre, 21 Wellington Street, London, WC2E 7RQ

Performance dates: 10 Aug 2021 - 03 Apr 2022

Running time: 2 hours 45 minutes (including an interval)

Age recommendation: Best for age 6+. Under 3s not permitted. Please be advised that children under the age of 16 may be refused entry if they are not sitting next to an accompanying adult.

Next performances

01 Aug Sunday 2:30pm--
03 Aug Tuesday --7:30pm
04 Aug Wednesday 2:30pm7:30pm
05 Aug Thursday --7:30pm
06 Aug Friday --7:30pm
07 Aug Saturday 2:30pm7:30pm
08 Aug Sunday 2:30pm--

Reviews and photos Add photo

Love, love, loved this show. First time viewing for me although familiar with the songs. Costumes, dance, singing and acting all first... More

tapwhizz 168cm, 74 reviews, 5 helpful votes

This is one beautiful show, my only slight problem with it is I feel it doesn’t variate that far from the animation, despite a few... More

mattharrison1 5’11”, 21 reviews, 2 helpful votes

The costumes and props in The Lion King are so impressive and unlike any other West End show. The musical has the much loved tunes... More

LondonLass 5"1, 247 reviews, 14 helpful votes

The show was amazing and captured the pride lands of Africa very well! The lighting and set is very clever and the sweeping score being... More

joethemusician 6"1, 7 reviews, 0 helpful votes

The show is amazing (if you happen to have Nick Afoa as Simba his vocals are amazing!) The whole show start to finish is just like... More

deborahchilde 44 reviews, 8 helpful votes

The show was the most amazing show. The puppetry, music, singing and acting was all superb from start to finish. I was caught between... More

carac1 1 review, 0 helpful votes

The whole scale and spectacle of it was fantastic, and the cast were brilliant, especially Gugwana Dlamini as Rafiki, and the glorious... More

bencartwright 6"2, 30 reviews, 1 helpful vote

As a person who loves Disney I did really enjoy this musical however it isn’t something that I'd go and see a second time and I usually... More

becks2001 25 reviews, 0 helpful votes

One of the best shows I have ever seen. Great effects, lighting, actors and beautiful theatre. Music is fantastic. You will definitely... More

kajetank 17 reviews, 0 helpful votes
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