Lyceum Theatre
21 Wellington Street
London, WC2E 7RQ
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Opened: 24 Sep 1999
Booking from: 23 Sep 2017
Booking until: 02 Jun 2018
Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes

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  • braintree 155cm female 33 reviews 5 helpful votes
    60% total rating The Lion King, 2nd November 2016
    I won’t explain the story in great detail as it is well known but it is basically a family drama about loss and redemption but this is Disney so it is bold and colourful, taking in elements such as the original 1994 film (Timon, Pumba and the Hyenas for example) and African cultures for the lions and other animals. What struck me was how quickly you forget you are watching humans, all the performers have taken on their animal character it feels much more than the cartoony musical that it should. The choreography was also stunning, mixing traditional dance and choreography but I felt the musical numbers lacked energy, especially in comparison with Aladdin. The Lion King is the introverted sibling to gregarious Aladdin, which is all high shine and high dancing. There are no big musical numbers or even many opportunities for performers to show off their range, with the exception Endless Night in the second half but there are enough familiar tunes, such as Hakuna Matata to comfort the audience. The fact that 17 years from its premiere it can still attract an audience in such numbers is testament that simplicity works. It is a beautiful and staggering production that relies on its beautiful staging rather than big stars (though I didn’t see him Shaun Escoffery is a reason alone to book tickets as his voice is incredible). I thought Nicholas Afoa was stunning, both as vocalist and capturing Simba’s sense of curiousity as adult Simba in his West End debut and I enjoyed the Jareth from Labyrinth interpretation of Scar by George Asprey. I also thought making the very masculine Rafiki a female character was a great casting decision and Brown Lindiwe Mkhize is great in the role. The highlight for me were the early ensemble scenes as you get elephants, leopards, gazelles and giraffes without being anywhere near London Zoo. It is absolutely stunning and if the high prices have put you off seeing this amazing production then do reconsider. It is worth every penny for some of the most stimulating scenery in London theatre. Do keep an eye out for the wonderful cheetah and some of the chasing scenes will make you feel like you are on safari.
    The seats are great for views but at 2.5 hours you need to wriggle a lot towards the end of the production. My partner, in F4, seemed to have enough leg room for his 6ft frame and whilst they aren't uncomfortable seats it would be nice if they were a bit wider.
    F3 Royal Circle - Lyceum Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Royal Circle F3
  • kiaranota 1 review 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating The Lion King, 9th August 2016
    It was really spectacular and unforgettable! It was a great experience we will remember forever. I've dreamed to see this musical for a very long time since I am really keen on The Lion King, but the show did even surpass all the expectations of mine. And at the very beginning I couldn't help crying: it was so exciting and thrilling, so magnificent and gorgeous! The play of the actors was great, they all did a great deal of work, and their costumes boggle the imagination. I can't imagine how it can be possible - to create all these costumes and adaptate the story so perfectly. As a true fan of TLK I was really impressed by the retaining of the precise plot of the story. It always plays a very important role for me when I watch shows after movies. Moreover, I can say that I haven't enjoyed the theatre so much lately and this musical has become one of my favourites. I think that everybody in the house was pretty impressed, there was such loud applause and even exclamations of joy. And though the tickets were quite expensive for us, I guess that it was worth it!
    Everything was perfect :)
    E34 Royal Circle - Lyceum Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Royal Circle E34
  • mwestlake96 5"7 5 reviews 1 helpful vote
    100% total rating The Lion King, 13th August 2016
    This show was absolutely gorgeous. The creators, set designers and costume designers are actual geniuses. Sitting in the stalls means you get the opportunity to see all the animal puppets come through the aisles during the show and that is an experience I will never forget. Every case member were extremely take ted triple threats and fully deserve to be on that stage in such an incredible performance. The show is suitable for children although quite long for a child to sit through I imagine but it definitely grabs their attention. I would recommend this show for people of all ages. There really is something for everyone. The music and songs was just magical and I fully intend on purchasing the soundtrack. Lion King is one of hose shows you must see at some point in your life. It is an unforgettable experience.
    Sat in Stalls V24
    The view of the stage was incredible. Upon buying the tickets I looked at pictures and was worried I would be a bit far back but that was not the case at all!! Perfectly central and could see everything clearly. Out of all the theatres I have been to the seats were probably the most comfortable I have sat in. They were probably slightly small for a bigger person and you did feel shoulder to shoulder but they were comfortable padded. Leg room was good. I did have a big bag with me and was still able to move my legs about. These seats were a lot more expensive than what I would usually pay for but they were worth every penny!!
    V24 Stalls - Lyceum Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls V24
  • shouldstudymore 5"9 6 reviews 0 helpful votes
    60% total rating The Lion King, 24th September 2016
    I found myself really disappointed in it which was heartbreaking. The younger actors playing Simba and Nala were pretty bad, which is a shame since they weren't older than 10 and I feel horrible saying so but they weren't the best singers or actors and for it being such a high budget (expensive) show to see it left some of the numbers a bit deflated (especially Just Can't Wait To Be King) the actor playing Timon was attempting to do the same accent as Nathan Lane and it failed pretty miserably... also they've added a weird disco breakdown to Be Prepared which was entirely unneeded and ruined the song, for some reason all of the hyenas had full outfits with puppet like hyena heads... apart from 6 random dancers during this disco breakdown that had leggings that looked like they were a onesie tied round their waist, shirtless and with a hyena mask/hat thing.... why?
    I was actually in Standing ST4 which was the row behind this seat, literally standing at the back of the theatre looking down. Obviously leg room here was fantastic as it's standing in the aisle, but even the seats in the row in front looked like they had great leg room. The railing that you lean on during the show was pretty disgusting though, my arms and clothes were literally sticking to it and I had to give it a rub down with hand sanitizer, I'm not even overly picky with things like this but it was pretty grubby. The view from here was great, the only thing you couldn't see was the actors dancing down the aisles but there was so much going on onstage you didn't miss anything.
    Standing4 Grand Circle - Lyceum Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Grand Circle Standing4
Get Lion King tickets in the Stalls to get the very best view of the stunning animals of the Savannah as they make their way through the audience. Often seats towards the sides can give still excellent views, despite being a slightly cheaper ticket, due to their sideways nature.
Lyceum Theatre, London interactive seating plan & seat reviews
Based on Disney’s Academy Award-winning 1994 animated film the story is brought to life on stage by Julie Taymor with stunning animal puppetry and breathtaking scenic design that evokes the animals and landscapes of the African Savannah. Since first opening in London in 1999, The Lion King has been one of the hottest West End tickets and a must see for all.

The shows story, loosely inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, takes place within a group of lions where young cub, Simba, is due to succeed his father, Mufusa, as king of Pride Rock. In a nasty turn of events, Simba’s evil uncle Scar, with designs on power, murders Mufusa and leads Simba to believe it was his fault. Subsequently Simba flees the Kingdom never to return. It will take his old friends, lioness Nala, baboon Rafiki, the charming double act of Timon the meerkat and Pumba the warthog, to help Simba gather the strength he needs to return to Pride Rock take on Scar and restore order to the animal kingdom.

The musical includes all of the original music from the film and also some new material. The films score was famously written by Elton John with lyrics by Time Rice and includes the catchy classics “The Circle of Life,” “I Just Can’t Wait to be King,” “ Hakuna Matata,” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” with additional music by Hanns Zimmer with choral arrangements by Lebo M.

It would be hard to imagine Disney surpassing the success of their animated classic but the musical has given it a run for its money having been seen across the globe where it continues to play and becoming the highest grossing Broadway show of all time. The show was Awarded with an impressive six Tony Awards when it opened on Broadway and has been a West End staple since 1999.

Julie Taymor brought her experience of working on opera and with puppetry to the staging of The Lion King to create a unique and visually arresting experience for the audience. The costumes also designed by Taymor bring to life the lions, birds, giraffes and even an elephant.

There is nothing else quite like it, so don't miss out and get your Lion King tickets now!
The Lion King is just the ticket for a whole family outing, with adults and children alike being charmed by the beautiful aesthetic and score. This is also a great show for those who haven’t ventured to the theatre before.

Age Recommendations: We recommend for children 7+