Novello Theatre
5 Aldwych
London, WC2B 4LD
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Opened: 06 Sep 2012
Booking from: 23 Sep 2017
Booking until: 03 Mar 2018
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

23 Sep 2017


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29 Sep 2017

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  • shaun 5"10 male 43 reviews 2 helpful votes
    40% total rating Mamma Mia!, 18th September 2017
    When you get a ticket to Mamma Mia, you know what you’re in store for. It’s a couple of hours of Abba’s greatest hits, set to a loosely threaded together story of a girl searching to find her father before her wedding day. It’s not going to be the most memorable night out you ever have in the West End, but it is perfectly enjoyable. The performances are all very good, with a few good jokes and a couple of slightly moving moments. It really isn’t anything amazing, but if it’s your kind of thing you’ll find it an enjoyable night out.
    Sat in Stalls K1
    This seat is on the far end of the theatre, next to the aisle, however the view of the stage is perfectly clear and you never feel like you have a very side on view, while it is also not too close and not too far to the stage, so you get a good overall view. Legroom is fantastic, with the added bonus of being able to stretch out into the aisle, as well as easily getting from and to the exits.
    K1 Stalls - Novello Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls K1
  • hannahscregg 7 reviews 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating Mamma Mia!, 20th July 2017
    You can't not have a brilliant time at this show! It's so much fun, of course the songs are iconic but the way they're staged is great, with a good mix of solos/duets/trios and larger ensemble numbers. Everybody was up dancing and singing along at the end, meaning you leave the theatre buzzing and with a huge smile on your face. If you haven't seen this classic yet... GO!
    The view of the left hand side of the stage (Stage Right) was slightly restricted by the safety rail, although this is listed as an official warning when you book the ticket. This was overcome by leaning forward at certain points, otherwise you could see all of the action, albeit 'zoomed out', without having to move too much. The seats in the balcony are hard-backed with not as much cushioning as you might get on a lower tier, but they are comfortable enough to sit on and the legroom is very decent. Good for the price, especially if (like us), it's a repeat visit to the show! You can also see over the set which is quite fun.
    B24 Balcony - Novello Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Balcony B24
  • katierose 5"7 female 58 reviews 1 helpful vote
    80% total rating Mamma Mia!, 12th August 2017
    I had waited 19 years to see this show...not sure why. although a simple storyline but with the added magic of Abba music its a great show! Having everyone dancing in their seats, and singing along.
    For balcony tickets these were pretty good, the whole stage could be seen, even the behind the scenes where the performers are awaiting to go through the door - a little distracting. but for the price I paid I was happy it wasn't too restricted or too high up. would recommend these tickets if your on a budget.
    C16 Balcony - Novello Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Balcony C16
  • fifilou 5"7 female 175 reviews 2 helpful votes
    80% total rating Mamma Mia!, 30th October 2015
    I really like Mamma Mia, and I have seen the show a couple of times. I think this a show that you can go and see and just have a really good time. Its feel good, is bright and light and has a really simple but effective set. The costumes, staging and lighting keep it bright and fun. Its just a really fun feel good show. Be prepared to sing along and get up and dance!
    This seat is advertised as extremely restricted view and restricted legroom and they are not wrong. The ticket is one of the cheapest in the theatre and you can clearly see why. So comfort wise the seats themselves aren't bad the issue is in order to see you cant sit on them. There is no legroom whatsoever and I'm not tall, I think the shortest of my friends I went with just about fit at 5'4". The view is something else altogether. Sat on the seat I could see less than 1/3 of the stage (the very far stage left) and of the 1/3 I could see I could only see 1/2 way to the back of the stage. To make the view better I sat on my knees leaning on the safety rail. This is why I gave the comfort a 1 star as my knees where in pain throughout. This allowed me to see about 1/2 of the stage. Problems include that this slip is high, its in the curve of the auditorium and the lighting rigs are also in the way. Yes the seats are cheap but I ended up sitting on the floor reading a book in act 2 as I couldn't see and just listened to the performance. If you've been before and just want to listen these are cheap seats if you want to see any of the show don't sit here!
    AA22 Grand Circle - Novello Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Grand Circle AA22
The great thing about this show is that it can be enjoyed from all seating levels without any moments of action being missed. However for the best viewing experience we would recommend the middle of the Stalls and/ or the front of the Dress Circle.
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Brain child of British producer, Judy Craymer, Mamma Mia! is a jukebox musical made up of the ever popular ABBA back catalogue. Unlike many other jukebox musicals, Mamma Mia! has an entirely original story, written by Catherine Johnson.

The success of the stage musical sparked a movie adaptation of the production, starring Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Julie Walters and Amanda Seyfried.

The plot focuses on mother and daughter, Donna and Sophie, who live together on the beautiful Greek island of Kalokairi. Sophie, who has been brought up on the island by her mother, is planning on marrying her fiancé Sky despite only being 20 years of age.

The wedding is to be hosted on the paradise island and, like most brides to be, Sophie wants her father to give her away; the only problem is that she isn't quite sure who he is! After intercepting her mother's kiss and tell diary from around the time of her conception, Sophie narrows down her hunt for her paternal father to three men. Desperate to have her dad around for her special day, Sophie invites all three candidates to the island, much to the surprise and dismay of Donna!

Classic ABBA songs such as "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme," "Money, Money, Money," "Dancing Queen," "Take a Chance on Me," "The Winner Takes It All," and of course "Mamma Mia," can be enjoyed live on stage! Sing along or sit back, relax and let the tunes wash over you!

Not only is the show celebrated for its music, it also contains fantastic choreography and excellent costumes. All in all, the show is a jam packed, frothy and fun treat that can be the perfect West End ticket for people of all ages and nationalities!
Mamma Mia! is a must for all ABBA fans, so don't miss out on tickets! Also fans of shows such as Jersey Boys and Thriller - Live! may enjoy the show for its classic pop music and upbeat feeling.

Mamma Mia has a few moments of mild adult content.

Age Recommendations: Recommended for children 7+