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Red Velvet at Garrick Theatre tickets
Red Velvet at Garrick Theatre tickets

Red Velvet has closed

This show has closed

There are plenty of pillars in the Garrick – so be sure to check with the box office to see that your seat in the Stalls doesn’t have an obstructed view. Middle of the Dress circle and middle/front of the Stalls are guaranteed to give you good views of this exciting drama.

Adrian Lester reprised his role as actor and playwright Ira Aldridge in Lolita Chakrabarti’s critically acclaimed play, Red Velvet. Issues of race and politics are explored through the frame of theatre as we witness history unfold in a production of Shakespeare’s Othello at the dawn of the abolition of slavery.

When the finest actor of the age collapses on stage midway through a performance of Othello, it is down to Ira Aldridge to step in and take over the title role. The year is 1833 and as the African-American actor takes to the stage, the citizens of London take to the streets against anti-slavery legislation that is passed throughout the British Empire. With such a fraught political climate, how will the rioters react to the revolution happening within the walls of the Theatre Royal Covent Garden?

Red Velvet opened at the Garrick Theatre as part of the inaugural season of the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company. Branagh praises Chakrabarti’s ‘important and exhilarating’ play, stating that it is as ‘entertaining as it is illuminating’. Chakrabarti writes frequently for the Almeida and Tricycle theatres, with Red Velvet receiving an Olivier Award nomination after the premiere at the Tricycle in 2012. As Aldridge, her husband Adrian Lester is perhaps best known for his role as con-artist Micky Bricks in the BBC drama Hustle, and appears in Branagh’s film of Love’s Labour’s Lost as well as The Day After Tomorrow.

Important information

Playing at: Garrick Theatre, Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0HH

Performance dates: 27 Feb 2016 - 27 Feb 2016

Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes (including interval)

Age recommendation: May not be suitable for very young children

Special notice: Red Velvet is a well-crafted and electrifying play with fabulous performances from the leading cast – fans of high-quality theatre will find what they’re looking with all of the plays in the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company season.

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Interesting and Lester was superb. More

barrythompson1 85 reviews, 3 helpful votes

This show was another triumph in the Kenneth Branagh series at the Garrick. I loved the show and the performances by all where incredible... More

fifilou 5"7, 175 reviews, 6 helpful votes

Adrian Lester gives a barnstorming performance as Ira Aldridge in this wonderful new play. More

sayers500 178cm, 87 reviews, 2 helpful votes


ShaunNolan 5"8(ish), 86 reviews, 12 helpful votes

An absolute show stealer from Adrian Lester. His performance as Ira Aldridge was breath-taking, with the right amount of passion, flair... More

susannahrosemn 5"3, 135 reviews, 6 helpful votes


BColeman 5 11", 80 reviews, 3 helpful votes


tomwhittingham 8 reviews, 1 helpful vote

My attention was held throughout by the strong acting of the whole cast who brought their characters to life and provided successfully... More

superruadhri 1 review, 0 helpful votes

Powerful stuff! Adrian Lester was fantastic. More

debrawild 5'2, 101 reviews, 14 helpful votes
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