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The Circle is one block of seating that runs from Row A to E and is step-free from street level. Rows curve around the stage, so the best views can be found in the centre, with the ends of the rows providing slight side views. A steep rake ensures excellent views across the auditorium, with no danger of audience members blocking the stage.

Slips are located down either side of the Circle and are classed as restricted due to the side view of the stage. A safety rail at the front of the section also means patrons may have to lean forward, which is reflected in the price of tickets.

Seats at the ends of Rows A, B and C have slightly restricted views due to a handrail, but these are priced accordingly. Row E at the back is very cheap and is a good option for those looking to spend less. Legroom across this section is particularly limited.


Bars for this level can be accessed via the customer lift, which leads to the Bar and Kitchen.


Men’s and Women’s toilets are available on this level. A fully adapted toilet is also accessible from the Circle.